Witness a Miracle: An Elderly Priest on His Way to Church Defies Death on the 'Feast of the Guardian Angels'

Have you ever witnessed a miracle? You’re about to.

On October 2nd, Milford, Ohio’s Father John Bok was driving to 9:00 a.m. Mass at St. Andrew Catholic Church. Unbeknownst to the 87-year-old, as he made his way to serve the Prince of Peace, chaos was quickly coming for him.


Up ahead but on another road, a young man was suffering a seizure. He passed out behind the wheel of his SUV.

That medical emergency transformed the large vehicle into a bullet. It shot across an expansive patch of grass, its deadly trajectory a beeline to the elderly minister. A bullseye may as well have marked his driver-side door.

Yet as the prospect of a fatal collision loomed, a miracle was in the works. A split-second before the imminent impact, heavenly hands seemed to swoop in.

Between the enormous, speeding projectile and a wholly helpless priest stood a road sign. Also coming out of the ground: two narrow uprights.

Across the street sat a funeral home, its gazing security camera awaiting the impending doom.

But just before death could snatch Father John, the sport utility vehicle hit the sign and pair of posts. Incredibly, they served as a makeshift ramp. In what can only described as a miracle, the massive automotive missile jumped entirely over the priest’s sedan.

No Hollywood movie could’ve done it better. See the evidently otherworldly stunt:

Father John — who taught physics earlier in life — told the Catholic News Agency what occurred can’t be scientifically explained:


“It’s a miracle.”

It happened so fast, he was only made aware when police showed him the footage after church.

Bok told CNA…that he didn’t even know that his car was hurdled until hours after it happened.

“I did not know that that car went over top of me because I was looking ahead and it was to my left and above. And out of the corner of my eye I sensed something went by, but I just thought it was a bird or something like that.”

Like the rest of us, he’s in awe:

“I was in amazement that it had happened.”

And the timing seems more than coincidental:

“One of the mysteries is that it would happen to be that Oct. 2nd [is the Feast of the Guardian Angels]. I don’t know what God was thinking.”

Though semi-retired, Father John still helps out at Mass. But he believes “heaven is going to be better than here.”

Still, he’s happy to continue in his grateful life:

“I’m happy I’m still here and it’s a mystery why I am when you look at that darn video. When I see it, I just scratch my head and say, ‘Thank you, Lord.’”

Meanwhile, the other driver is going to be okay.

Some things can’t be explained. Or perhaps they can. Enjoy more heartwarming miracles below.


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