Report: Professor Makes Students Record Themselves Confronting Racists, Homophobes or Ableists

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School sure has changed, and the recent report of a college assignment provides a perfect case in point.

At the University of New Hampshire, they’re trying to make the world a better place. That’s the reason, presumably, for an alleged assignment last summer in an “Introduction to Language and Social Interaction” course.


Campus Reform has purportedly obtained screenshots of a professor’s order for students to find someone and accuse them of a racist act.

There are a few other offenses from which to choose:

The victim of such sinisterness must be “a person of color,” “LGBTQI+,” or “a disabled person.”

Proof of the event will be required; students must record their confrontations.

If I properly understand, participants should open with something like, “Hi. May I please record myself accusing you of racial crimes? I would very much appreciate it, racist.”

Once you’ve thoroughly thrashed them for being evil, you’ll need to ask again:

You must…record calling them in, in order to get credit. Seek permission to record them before the discussion, and check with them after you have called them in that it is okay that your professor hear it.

Thankfully, privacy will be preserved:

Clarify that audio or names won’t be shared with the class (ensure you includes [sic] the permission part in your recording).

Remember that simply providing a transcript of an event without associated audio will be treated as suspicion of academic dishonesty. Please contact me before you submit if you encounter problems with your audio.

It’d sure be a shame for the recording to get messed up, but audio might be the least of partakers’ troubles.

Where I come from, the endeavor would serve as an excellent way of getting beaten up. It seems the teacher is forcing students to engage in something akin to “punch a Nazi.”


Could the assignment result in a lawsuit for putting young people in peril?

Not to worry — the instructor adds, “Do so in a safe way.”

And social media doesn’t count:

You may NOT call someone in for something they say on FB, it must be in response to something in real life.

We’re living in strange times. Virtue signaling is all the rage, which is to say that substance may not be.

Not long ago, virtue was determined by character, manifested by meaningful ways in which one lived one’s life. These days, it appears, it’s all about who you insult and posture as being better than.

More from the assignment:

In your analysis, discuss:

  • What part of what they said assumed something negative about a group of people? Was what they said a microaggression or flat-out racist/sexist/homophobic?
  • Relating to the readings, how does what they said constitute the structure of inequality?

To ensure students don’t do something foolish, the teacher preemptively calls them out:

Do not be sexist, racist, homophobic, or any other -ism in what you say your example [sic]. If you are, you will receive zero [sic] for this assignment and you will not be allowed a reset.

A new iteration of the assignment — for fall — is featured on UNH’s website.

And on Wednesday, Twitter account Libs of Tik Tok posted a screencap of something similar:


Per the Post Millennial, the assignment’s worth ten percent of students’ final grade.

You may have noticed sexism didn’t make the list of options as provided by Campus Reform. The omission was purposeful:

Please do not use gender as the inequality, due to the problematic history of the lack of intersectionality in gender analysis we need to stick with the list… I encourage conversations with avid feminists (of which I am one) about this topic to learn more about the Black Queer Feminist literature which informs this choice.

Yes; please don’t.



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