The Woke Intersectional Alliance Collapses as 'White Latinx' People Are Kicked to the Curb

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Yesterday, RedState reported on Andrew Yang being accused of racism, supposedly seeking to keep a black or Latino person from winning New York’s mayoral race. Of course, Yang is Asian, so the comments from one of his opponents, Eric Adams, seemed rather odd in retrospect. Were Asians no longer part of the woke alliance?


Now, things are getting really weird. A piece in The Washington Post wants you to know that “white Latinx” people are not only not a replacement for “whiteness,” but they are actually just a continuation of “white hegemony,” and by virtue, white supremacy.

The intersectional alliance is collapsing and I’m here for it.

This entire freakout, which has played out far beyond just this crazy person’s editorial, started because the ultra-woke creator of the musical “Hamilton” decided to make a Latino film based on “In the Heights.” But because you can never be woke enough, he’s in trouble for not having enough “afro-Latino” representation in his film. Apparently, like that scene from Family Guy where Peter has the melanin scale, the left is actually micromanaging supposed whiteness within non-white races.


Hey, I never said anything the left does has to make sense, right?

Notice the combative, accusatory language. The writer proclaims that “white latinx” people are taking the keys from black people and opening “their own doors” with them. If there was ever a true “let them fight” moment, this is it. Latinos need to realize that the woke social justice warriors aren’t their friends. Rather, just like Asians, Latinos are a means to an end for far-left, racist ideologues who seek to push things like critical race theory and Marxist ideals. It’s not a coincidence that Black Lives Matter proclaims so many aspects related to Soviet-style communism. These aren’t right-wing bogeymen. This stuff is (or was in some cases) right there on their website.

Earlier this year, we saw the heavily Hispanic area of McAllen, TX elect a Republican as mayor. Those kinds of shifts aren’t just a coincidence. The left is more and more alienating the Latino community, especially in places like Florida and Texas where their populations tend to be more conservative by nature. That’s not only good news for Republicans, but it’s good news for the country.


The kind of racist drivel the Post chose to propagate here is awful for society. It’s also completely unsustainable as a political movement. You can only eat those around you for so long before you start to gnaw on your own arm. Democrats will no doubt try to pull back when it becomes obvious this isn’t a winning strategy, but the woke are true believers. There will be no disengagement from them. Thus, the collapse will continue. Grab your popcorn.


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