Princeton Points Students to National Condom Day, Hosts Contraceptive Arts and Crafts

Ivan Sekretarev

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and Princeton University has something special planned.

For students who are feelin’ frisky, the alma mater of John F. Kennedy and Jeff Bezos is celebrating National Condom Day.


Coincidentally, it lands on February 14th.

According to an announcement from University Health Services, the school’s even hosting LatEXHIBITION, a condom art contest.

Teachers are welcome to take part:

In teams of 2-4 people (can be any mixture of students, faculty, and staff), create something beautiful and educational out of expired latex condoms. We will supply you with the expired condoms in increments of 50, and we’ll have a Latexhibition with judging and prizes the evening of February 14 (National Condom Day) at Campus Club.

The site doesn’t make clear whether balloon animals qualify as art.

Princeton’s positioned itself more progressively over the last year.

In June — amid an effort to end racism — the college axed Latin and Greek from course requirements for classics majors.

“[T]he COVID Crisis and horrific incidents of racist, especially anti-Black, violence have exposed anew the systemic inequities of our society,” the Classics Department explained. “The history of our own department bears witness to the place of Classics in the long arc of systemic racism.”

Hence, a heralded new focus in politics, religion, and classics.


Per the Princeton Alumni Weekly, “Politics added a track in race and identity.”

Courtesy of my coverage at the time:

According to [Politics Department Associate Chair Professor Frances Lee], the idea for a new undergrad track in race and identity fits a broader campus initiative to address systemic racism.

The goal is to offer this track as a defined pathway for students who are interested in the topic, as well as to set them up for future academic work in this area, Lee said.

The way Frances sees it, if you want to understand American political history, there’s “a wide array of intellectual questions as well as subjects that you need to understand if you want to understand politics at its core.”

For those exploring the wide world of race and identity, there’ll be three main requirements:

  • Take the introductory “Race and Politics in the United States” course
  • Complete three of 14 courses centered on race and identity
  • Complete a senior thesis which incorporates the theme

“The politics of race underlies so much of U.S. political history,” Frances said.

In the area of religion, students were given more flexibility to study Asian faiths and Islam, along with the option to “pair religion with media, art, philosophy, or politics.”


Lots of the old college conventions are getting nixed.

It’s a new day:

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Professor Fights for the ‘Freedom of Fat Bodies’

So language can’t be taught due to racism, and math and science are racist, too.

If learning is racist, all that’ll eventually be left is classes on how learning is racist.

Those will eventually go as well, because that’s also learning.

And woe to the racists who learn of that news.

Princeton’s jubilee for jimmy hats hits the bullseye — colleges have contemporary aims other than education:


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National Condom Day nails it; as they say, awareness is key.

And if we continue to edge out academics, it seems to me…we’re screwed.



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