University Trains Orientation Leaders to See Students as 'Agents of Oppression' or 'Targets'

If you’re tired of privileged people but unsure who they are, Iowa State University can help.

According to The College Fix, the school issued an optionalPower & Privilege Definitions” document to student orientation leaders.


To aid their efforts, “oppression” is explicated:

The combination of prejudice and institutional power which creates a system that discriminates against some groups (often called “target groups”) and benefits other groups (often called “dominant groups”). Examples of these systems are racism, sexism, heterosexism, ableism, classism, ageism, and anti-Semitism. These systems enable dominant groups to exert control over target groups by limiting their rights, freedom, and access to basic resources such as health care, education, employment, and housing.

As noted by the explainer, privilege “operates on personal, interpersonal, cultural, and institutional levels and gives advantages, favors, and benefits to members of dominant groups at the expense of members of target groups.”

In the United States, privilege is granted to people who have membership in one or more…social identity groups.

Privileged oppressors:

  • Able-bodied people
  • Middle-aged people
  • English-speaking people
  • Heterosexuals
  • Males
  • White people
  • Christians

Also included: something called “middle or owning class people.”

Targets of oppression have fewer “life chances” or benefits as a result of their member in a particular social group.

Examples are offered:

[T]here is a higher likelihood that African American males will be arrested than Caucasian males; there is a greater chance that males will have a higher salary than females; and there is a higher probability that persons using a wheelchair for mobility will have fewer job opportunities than non-disabled people.


The document seemingly supports separation by race…and also decries it:

[Race] is a way of arbitrarily dividing humankind into different groups for the purpose of keeping some on top and some at the bottom; some in and some out.

Apropos of such, the college made the news in May — a Diversity and Inclusion professor announced she was keeping away from white people.

And ISU isn’t the only school to list our lessors.

From James Madison University in August:

  • Male
  • Cisgender
  • Christian
  • Heterosexual
  • Western European
  • Upper-to-middle class
  • Thin/Athletic build
  • Able-bodied
  • Age 30s to 50s
  • White

Those they victimize:

  • Black
  • Asian
  • Latinx
  • Non-Western European
  • Muslim
  • Working class
  • Overweight
  • Jewish
  • LGBTQ+
  • Disabled

As we’ve been informed, no one can stop such disparate devilishness (See Professor Tells White Student if He’s Breathing, He ‘May Have Oppressed Somebody’ Today).

Why would anyone want to divide people into two groups and tell them they’re enemies?

It’s happening across societal sectors.

Success and meritocracy have been rebranded as racist.


Everyone’s either a defenseless victim or helpless oppressor.

Hence, only government or another authority can fix things by force, via “equity.”

Communism is institutionalized equity.

Equity is based on the idea that equality is insufficient, as success cannot be earned. And if it could be, that would constitute white supremacy (no matter the individual’s race); meritocracy is a myth or evil or both.


We appear to be moving in one direction. It all points toward the same thing.

Just a few years ago, none of the above was being universally asserted.

Student orientation involved things such as where to find the Humanities building.

But school has changed.

Come to think of it, maybe humanity has, too.



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