You'll Be Graded on Wokeness: Professor Forces Students to Put Their Pronouns on Assignments

College requires things — like going to class, studying, memorization, and taking tests.

And for some students at California’s Loyola Marymount University, it also requires wokeness.


So it goes for those bettering themselves under the tutelage of Christopher Miller.

As reported by Fox News, the professor recently updated his syllabus.

Per an alleged email obtained by Twitter account Libs of Tik Tok, the teacher told students they’ll need to perpetually attach their personal pronouns to their assignments — or else.

His purported message:

Good Morning Students,

I added a new syllabus to Brightspace and the one major change we all need to take note of is that all are required to include their pronouns next to their name in their blog posts.

Essentially, this means each pupil will need to refer to themself in third person.

As I’ve indicated before, a perplexity of the pronoun craze is its nil effect on what anyone is called to their face; it literally changes nothing about person-to-person communication.

So if you’re “bunself” to me, you’ll never know. My use of the word will always be a hop, skip and jump away.

If I consider you “kittenself,” that’s some mentioned milk you’ll never get to lap: It’ll never be anything I say — at least, so far as you’re aware.

(I secretly call you kittenself.)

Though posting one’s pronouns doesn’t play into conversation with them, it’s definitely being adopted the country over.


At Pittsburgh’s Point Park University, the “Misgendering, Pronoun Misuse, and Deadnaming” section of its Office of Equity and Inclusion guidelines requires “any individual who has been informed of another person’s gender identity, pronouns, or chosen name” to use that designation in writing and speech. “Continued misuse of an individual’s pronouns,” a September email made clear, “could result in a violation of the Policy on Discrimination and Harassment for gender-based discrimination.”

And intent’s no excuse:

[W]e must recognize that regardless of the intent…action could be taken if a complaint is filed.

One student stood up to Point Park’s rule, resulting in a petition to have him kicked out of school.

The University of Pittsburgh’s putting its foot down, too. The 10,000-attendee institution’s Office for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion published a video on pronoun propriety:

In Michigan, the State Police issued a memo titled “Use of Gender Pronouns.”

“Not all persons or members identify with the gender binary of male or female,” it pointed out.

Even the Navy’s on board.

Courtesy of an internal military missive:

Intentionally and repeatedly using the wrong name and pronoun to refer to a transgender employee could contribute to an unlawful hostile work environment.


Back to Loyola Marymount, for those who don’t constantly indicate their pronouns, Professor Christopher promises punishment:

I will count [pronoun inclusion] toward your grade when I check for your name each time I grade the blogs.

Follow the example:

Our own LMU Provost links this article in his own signature after he identifies his pronouns. For those who are not aware of why this is important, please take a few minutes to read [an article at].

I suspect some of you “are not aware,” so here’s the article’s link.

A sampling:

[T]he act of making an assumption (even if correct) sends a potentially harmful message… … [I]t can be offensive or harassing to guess at someone’s pronouns and refer to them using those pronouns if that is not how that person wants to be known.

As for Christopher, his rules will impact more than just one college class.

As indicated on his bio page, the Bhagwan Mallinath Assistant Professor of Jainism and Yoga Studies teaches “Hinduism, Jainism, and Yoga” as well as “History of Modern Yoga” and “Foundations of Yoga Studies.”


Anyone who won’t post their personal pronouns, it seems, is a low-Downward Dog.

And that’s the new morality.

It’s rigid, but it’s righteous.

When it comes to wokeness, there’s no flexibility — even in Yoga class.



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