Is Michigan Wokifying Its State Police Department?

(AP Photo/Ludington Daily News, Jeff Kiessel)

It looks like infesting the military with woke theology isn’t enough. Now, it appears the hard left is trying to sneak its destructive ideology into law enforcement, at least in the state of Michigan. A recent report indicates that the Michigan State Police (MSP) is beginning to adopt some of the tenets of wokeism and include them in their operations. While this first foray into wokeism might seem small, it is not difficult to imagine how far the left might take it as they gain more power.


Breitbart News obtained an MSP memo suggesting that the police department adopt a more woke approach to gender. In the memo, which is titled “Use of Gender Pronouns,’ Director of Human Resources Stephanie Horton encouraged employees to use gender pronouns in official communications. She wrote:

Not all persons or members identify with the gender binary of male or female. Gender is a socially and culturally constructed expression and is differentiated from anatomical sex assigned at birth. If someone does not identify with their sex assigned at birth, that person may identify as transgender, non-binary or a third gender that affirms their inner sense of self.

The memo continues:

One of the most personal and respectful ways to communicate with others is through the use of a person’s name and/or the pronouns associated with the individual’s name or gender identity. When a person discloses their gender pronouns, all efforts should be made to use the specified pronouns in both verbal and written usage.

Horton argued that “using gender pronouns as a part of an email signature or other official communication builds inclusivity at work” and suggested that workers put their preferred pronouns below their names in their email signatures.

At first glance, this memo might seem silly, but harmless. After all, what harm is there in placing one’s pronouns at the bottom of an email?


Still, it is worth pointing out that the hard left rarely stops at harmless suggestions. It is not out of the realm of possibility that this could just be the first step toward wokifying the MSP. The slippery slope is evident, isn’t it? How long will it be before employees are punished for failing to use preferred pronouns? What if they don’t adhere to the other tenets of woke theology that the department decides to foist upon its workforce?

We’ve already seen this trend in the United States Armed Forces. At least one service member was fired for speaking out against the creeping Marxism in the military. It’s not hard to imagine that this same paradigm could be imposed in other police departments across the country. Either way, this is definitely something worth watching as time goes on.


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