Professor Prescribes 'Reregulation' to Help White People Stop Their Racist Violence

I’ll never forget seeing the film Young Guns — I was white with excitement as Billy the Kid’s Regulators mounted their horses.

And now, much of the nation needs to mimic the movie: All Caucasians, saddle up.


So asserts a southern professor.

Reportedly, regulation — reregulation, actually — is the answer to pale peoples’ pervasive violence.

You sallow-skinned Americans are all Young Guns, and we need you to holster your racist revolvers.

In a recent episode of the Whiteskinned-ed podcast, University of Arkansas Professor Lisa Corrigan waxed on whiteness.

Evidently, peach persons are presently only parts of themselves.

But look what whites can do if only they attain completion:

“When white people are whole, they don’t go out lynching people. When they feel whole — instead of rage — they are not out, you know, shooting up schools.”

Sounds dreamy.

Currently, we’re nestled in a nightmare.

Host Stephen Hintz hypothesized:

“I think that’s part of what whiteness takes from us, is a piece of our humanity.”

As laid out by Lisa — who, like Stephen, is white — “[W]hite supremacy is this massive system that’s infiltrated all of the parts of our social existence.”

Moreover, “White people feel inadequate all the time because they do not feel cultural competency.”

And if you non-BIPOCs weren’t aware, you’re amoral:

“[I]t’s…not the responsibility of people of color, to go and, like, fix the white people who are dysregulated and, you know, are alienated and have no ethics, and have no philosophy, and have no moral center.”


Luckily, Lisa’s “interrupting the flow of white supremacy.”

As an author, she’s covered black liberation. And she’s here to enlighten Opie Taylor-types:

“[T]he pushback that I’ve gotten is almost exclusively from white people. … It really has not been black people or people of color who are like, ‘Please don’t talk about all this amazing stuff in our history.’ They, of course, have been like, ‘Please tell white people.'”

Some of you are resistant, but she’s chock-full of charity:

“[White people] want to avoid. … So I try to be very generous with white people, even when I’m sort of running them down for their participation in social violence, to say, like, ‘You don’t know what you’re doing, please let me help you understand. You know, it’s like…I’m helping out.”

But wait — there’s more milky malevolence:

“Sex/gender is a vector of race. So, you know, sex panics come about because of race panic. And so all of this, like, anti-trans bathroom, trans-athlete stuff is fundamentally just anti-blackness.”


Dr. Lisa’s written on “riots as a language.” And when George Floyd’s death sparked chaos, people turned to her for answers — was it the same as the sixties?

She schooled ’em:

“Listen…in 1968, there were not white people with signs about black activism at their homes. They did not put signs in their house that said ‘I support the civil rights movement.’ … So…this is…different…where white people…feel like there’s political coverage to investigate the history of whiteness and white supremacy. They want more cultural competency, but they come from communities that have shunned that — their churches, their families, their workplaces. So there’s opportunity now, to talk about it…so that has been good, I think.”

It seems to me that people putting signs in their yards achieves the distinct triumph of absolute nothingness, as is the custom of our current culture of empty acts.

Back in the sixties, by contrast, whites and blacks fought for integration in ways that changed the system.

But perhaps I’m in need of further reading.

Speaking of, Lisa’s latest book is Black Feelings: Race and Affect in the Long Sixties.

“The book…talks about how white people intentionally misread black thought as black feeling. So when black people make claims about self-determination, white people say, ‘They’re angry.’ … [T]hey also read that anger as hatred of white people, right? As a way of managing their own anxiety about their complicity in social violence.”


She’s a walking win for her aberrated race. Even so, if a nonwhite had penned her publication, prejudice would’ve prevailed:

“I’m a white person who writes books about black power and civil rights. And on the one hand, yeah, that’s progressive for white people. And on the other hand, I’m going to get rewarded for writing those books, when a person of color could write a similar book and they would never get rewarded the same way, right? So there is no ‘outside’ of white supremacy. … Everybody is complicit in it.”

Fortunately, she’s woking up the white world.

Yet, she doesn’t see herself as excessively evangelical:

“I don’t feel very ‘missionary’ about it except, like, white people need to have better cultural competency.”

So how do we keep you faint-looking folks from wielding wickedness?

Unmelanated mooks, rejoice — the doctor’s provided a prescription.

As aforementioned, those of fairer skin need to emotionally “reregulate themselves.”

Per the professor, we must “think about the ‘dysregulation’ of white people as what produces [this] violence.”

In the meantime, though, the outlook is glum:

“[T]he way that America is browning, you know, if we don’t get a hold on all of this — you know, white nationalist, Christian nationalist, white supremacy — that the U.S. in the next 20 years will become an apartheid nation…”


What’s our recipe for avoidance?

Lisa’d “be happy with safe and secure voting rights.”

Fingers crossed.

For white readers who need a reminder of what to do, not only is there a regulating movie, there’s also a song.

Reregulators, mount up:



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