Prepping for More Lockdowns? If You're in Florida or Texas, There's No Need

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Are you ready for more shutdowns? Reports show virus numbers rising, and some governors are cracking down.

But if you’re in America’s two largest Republican hotbeds, you may not have to worry about singing the shelter-in-place blues.


Both the Sunshine and the Longhorn states have made clear: There’ll be no increased clampdown.

As relayed by the Texas Tribune Wednesday, Gov. Greg Abbott said he won’t impose “any more lockdowns.”

Rather, Greg wants to focus on “working to heal those who have Covid.” The goal: Those infected leaving hospitals and getting back to their normal lives.

Abbott spokeswoman Renae Eze told NBC News the governor’s plan to slow the spread will be based on “data-driven hospitalization metrics used by doctors and medical experts.”

Last week, Renae released the following:

As some communities experience a rise in hospitalizations, the state of Texas is working closely with local officials to quickly provide the resources needed to address these spikes and keep Texans safe. The state’s coordination efforts go hand-in-hand with enforcing the existing protocols, a strategy that proved effective in slowing the spread over the summer and containing COVID-19 while allowing businesses to safely operate. The protocols work, but only if they are enforced. The reality is, COVID-19 still exists in Texas and across the globe, and Texans should continue to take this virus seriously and do their part by social distancing, washing their hands, and wearing a mask. These best practices, coupled with the governor’s metrics to monitor COVID-19 hospitalizations and local enforcement of protocols, are key to mitigating this virus and keeping our communities and our people safe.


Moving eastward across the continent, the sun-kissed home to beach bums, alligators, and the best mix of both — Miami Vice — also gave the thumbs down to a social withdrawal in light of the virus’s virulence.

As reported by West Palm Beach’s WPEC Monday, Gov. Ron DeSantis’s office put it thusly:

“Today we are back down to 4,500 [cases] and a 7.3% positivity rate. We believe yesterday’s high number was due to a large submission file and skewed the numbers for that day. The Governor will not lock down and hurt families who can’t afford to shelter in place for 6 weeks. Especially not for a virus that has a 99.8% survival rate. One area of concern is Assisted Living Facilities. Since those over 70 face the greatest threat from [COVID] the Governor is monitoring those numbers daily and is prepared to move therapeutic and prophylactic assets to those facilities as needed.”

Greg and Ron stand in considerable contrast to the goings-on in other areas.

As you may have heard, California’s Gavin Newsom recently told residents they can’t have more than three households represented at Thanksgiving. Furthermore, apparently, when germs get together on Turkey Day, they’ll choose to give everyone a two-hour freebie — so long as there’s no fourth household. After that, they’ll infect folks like it’s goin’ outta style. Therefore, Gavin’s dictated get-togethers can only last 120 minutes.


And in New York, no more than 10 people per holiday, demands Andrew Cuomo.

But what if all your relatives are there to protest white privilege?

Neither man made things so clear.

Meanwhile — as noted by The Daily Wire, “45 out of 50 states have seen at least a 10% increase in coronavirus cases from the previous week.”

That doesn’t sound good.

But back to Thanksgiving and getting off on a technicality, it’s not wholly unreasonable.

It seemed to work for Pastor John Macarthur:

No matter what state you’re in (and I mean that geographically as well as other ways) stay safe out there, everyone.



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