Gov Whitmer Tells a Bit of a Fib About Michigan NOT Being a Blue State

Gov Whitmer Tells a Bit of a Fib About Michigan NOT Being a Blue State
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Gretchen Whitmer is one of the best in the world at talking about things that simply don’t line up with reality and she just scored a doozy in her latest proclamation.

She claimed with a straight face that Michigan is NOT a blue state after her crushing victory last November along with all the other statewide Democrats running, like the Attorney General and Secretary of State. She might be trying to fool the regular folks who don’t watch politics but she is not fooling this fella right here. I already wrote about this topic here on the hallowed pages of RedState with the article Michigan Is a BLUE State and Lying About It Won’t Change That Fact.

Here is what the Gretch that stole common sense with her COVID lockdowns back in 2020 said about Michigan recently from the Metro Times:

“No! Michigan’s not a blue state,” Gov. Gretchen Whitmer recently told the New York Times.

She added, “It would be a mistake for anyone to look at that and think Michigan is not still a tossup, very competitive, very diverse state that’s going to decide the outcome of the next national election again.”

Democrats that the NYT interviewed said their power comes thanks to changing demographics in the state but also from Republicans who think their party has gone too far to the right since the rise of Donald Trump. The Michigan GOP is now helmed by Kristina Karamo, the former state attorney general candidate who has promoted conspiracy theories such as claiming the results of the 2020 election were “a fraudulent process” and refused to concede.

“The state Republican Party is not reflective of the average Republican in Michigan,” Whitmer said. “I don’t think that everyone’s all of a sudden become Democrats.”

The Governor’s statement and her flawed logic on why she believes in Michigan is NOT a blue state are a stinking pile of garbage that people living in and around the Great Lakes can smell on a clear calm day. I noted some of these reasons in my article above about why Michigan is a blue state and here are just a few of the reasons why.

Michigan has not elected a conservative as Governor since 1998. People may try to contend that Rick Snyder, who was elected in 2010, was a Republican but he supported many ideas that Progressive Democrats embrace.

The Great Lake state has not elected a Republican to the United States Senate since 1994. For those of you who had to suffer through public schools such as myself, next year will be 30 years since a statewide Republican was sent to the halls of the United States Congress to sit in the Senate.

Former President Donald Trump barely won Michigan in 2016 by 11,000 votes. Up until he barely squeaked out that victory, the state had not voted for a Republican for President since 1988 with George H.W. Bush.

Michigan is a blue state, it votes like a blue state, it acts like a blue state and people are leaving because it is a blue state.

Governor Gretch is using the same tactic that the leaders of the Michigan Republican Party have used for the past 20 years but just in reverse. She is trying to keep her troops fired up just like when the GOP brass would say, we’re just a red state and we just need to get people to turn out. That of course is a wonderful theory but when you have more Democrats in the state than Republicans how do you extract blood from a stone? The answer that is based in reality says that you don’t, you vote Democrat and that’s what Michigan does.

Currently, the Michigan GOP leadership is at a crossroads and not only trying to figure out how to rebuild the party but where the party will be located after abandoning its headquarters. Read Did the Michigan GOP Just Concede the 2024 POTUS Race With Its Latest Move?

So it is an incredibly smart move for Whitmer to encourage her base not to get lazy while the Michigan GOP is in flames and the nomination process for who will run on the Republican side of the ticket for president heats up. No reason to have a repeat of 2016 happen again where the Clinton camp took Michigan for granted and Trump was able to sneak a win in.

That is why Democrats continuously win in this state because they dot the I’s and cross their T’s and don’t chase their tails on rumor and innuendo meant to make them feel good.

I loathe them for it.

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