Michigan Is a BLUE State and Lying About It Won't Change That Fact

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Michigan (Republicans), it is time you took a moment to step back and breathe in DEEPLY and realize something that a lot of you have been in denial of for the better part of the last decade.


Michigan is a blue state and getting even bluer.

You can deny this at your own risk and allow your blood pressure to skyrocket until you eventually move to Florida or Texas for the warmer weather and a true red state, or you can accept the truth and reality here and try to fix it now. The latter is much harder and means dealing with some hard facts and denying some crappy talking points from the sheisty side of the political realm.

Last week, I wrote about the Michigan GOP state convention and the result, and some of the fine readers here did not like my conclusions as much as I did. Michigan GOP Blows up With Chairman Choice and Democrats Rejoice and Laugh. Actually, saying some of you did not “like” my opinions in that article is putting it mildly. I was called everything by some of you except a “Lying Dog-faced Pony Solider”–without the Joe Biden angry charm and ice cream drippings on the shirt.

So, let me start with some basic facts to make sure we are all on the same page.

Michigan, since the 2002 election of Jennifer Granholm and her re-election in 2006, has elected progressive-leaning candidates. The hiccup of “republican” Rick Snyder who raised your taxes, let the Flint water debacle happen, and was pro-abortion, was Democrat-Lite. Now with Whitmer elected in 2018 and just re-elected in 2022, this trend continues with the state’s chief executive.


Michigan has not elected a Republican United States Senator since 1994 with Spencer Abraham, who was defeated by now-retiring Senator Debbie Stabenow. In case you are wondering how long that is, due to your time in the state’s floundering public school system, in 2024, it will be a full 30 years since you sent a member of the GOP to D.C. to occupy a seat in the upper chamber of Congress.

Please don’t use the excuse that the GOP has picked establishment hacks to face off against hapless Democrats like Stabenow and Peters. You had newly elected (barely) to a House seat John James, face off against both Senators two years apart and lose. In fact, James only won his seat last November by just under 2,000 votes.

Michigan Republicans just lost both the State House and Senate control for the first time since before John Engler left office. The only bright spot the GOP had was control of the legislature, and now that the redistricting is out of the hands of the legislature and given to a group of citizens who are picked through some weird process, you can bet the GOP won’t be getting a favorable district any time soon.

Those are all just facts that are verifiable. We can discuss the reasons why this has occurred and the overall cause and effect, but what I just wrote above is factual history.

My friends, how is Michigan a red state when we haven’t elected a conservative Republican since 1998 with John Engler nor a United States Senator since 1994 with Spencer Abraham? Republicans have lost legislative control of both Chambers for the first time in over 30 years, and while it’s only by one seat in each chamber, the redistricting that was done after the 2020 census does not look promising for the next 10 years.


Now, some might say, well, Donald Trump won here in 2016 and it gave him the presidency. Trump won that election in Michigan by just under 11,000 votes out of a vote total of over 4.5 million. Just four years later, Trump lost Michigan by 154,000 votes, thus once again throwing Michigan for a POTUS election to a blue state from the ever-so-slight shade of purple it was for a mere second in 2016.

Now, this is where I always get in trouble with people who think Michigan is a red state, and if only blah blah blah would happen, Republicans would magically win elections here.

Was there election fraud in Michigan in 2020?


There are examples of people being sent absentee ballot applications and filling them out because they were fraudulent. There are examples of the chain of command being sloppy and government officials not fulfilling Freedom of Information Requests in a timely manner. The New York Times amazingly covered the report done by the Michigan legislature in 2021 and actually tried to shoot it straight down the middle.

Does anything show that there was anywhere near the amount of fraud to flip the 154,000 votes that people cast for Joe “I’m tripping up my stairs” Biden?


Boy does that tick people off when I just point that simple little nugget out.

When I ask people for the “receipts” they constantly claim they have, I get responses of “Google it,”  or “Everybody knows — what, are you a RINO?” Yet they never show the receipts of video or audio and they refer to others who claim to have seen the receipts or someone else who has.


Yet here we sit today, over two years from the 2020 election, and we still have some really good interesting questions about why things were done the way they were.

Also, just a couple of months from the debacle of the 2022 election here in Michigan, the newly elected Michigan GOP chair, who lost her S.O.S race here by over 600,000 votes, claims she was the victim of election fraud and has shown zero evidence to back up that claim.

You have questions but no solid proof.

You have theories that fit your feelings but not enough facts to convince a jury.

Andrew Breitbart once encouraged a whole crowd of people at a gathering where he was speaking to hold up their cell phones, declaring: “You are the media.” A protégé of his, James O’Keefe (formerly of Project Veritas) literally has made a career of going undercover and videotaping people that are plotting or doing bad things and bringing them to light.

Do we not have anyone brave enough to grab a small hidden camera and go into the belly of the beast and record every damn thing happening? Are there not enough brave Michigainians willing to step up and get all the evidence of what you ABSOLUTELY KNOW TO BE TRUE on the record for irrefutable proof?

If someone has, so far, they seem to be a bit shy sharing it with the rest of the class.

Michigan is not a red state no matter how many times you look at a map that shows the northern counties are all red. Elections are based on the population not how many of Michigan’s 83 counties are a pretty red or a pretty blue. The vast majority of the people who vote live in Southeastern Michigan, which is primarily blue and that is how math works and how people are elected.


So, if people in the state continue to lie and then lie to others and say we are a red state and it’s just because of fraud that they can’t prove, then this state will stay blue for the rest of our lifetimes.

The first step that the leadership of the Michigan GOP and the Grassroots of the Republican Party should be demanding is to get their act together, get organized, and start working towards making the state purple. That is what the Florida GOP did in 2000 after the hanging chad election and their hard work, over two decades later, just resulted in Governor Ron DeSantis being elected with a near-20-point reelection margin. The same could also be said for the Ohio GOP — which is not as efficient as the Florida GOP but we share a lot of the same demographics  — and they are much more effective than the Michigan GOP has been for over 15 years.

Learn from the mistakes of the past and have a shot at building a game to win in the future or continue to act like Detroit Lions fans do the Monday after a game where a penalty was called and fans continuously utter: “If only the ref had not screwed us…

I would love to see the party and the activists get it together but right now the Michigan Republican Party is quickly becoming the party of feelings and not facts.

As long as that is the case, you can kiss 2024 and all the elections afterward buh-bye.

HEY, if you have thoughts on any of this, you can always let me know by checking out my bio RIGHT HERE and let me know via email to social media platforms. If you get really creative, I may mention you on my radio show or Facebook live events that I do LIVE three times a week.



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