Did the Michigan GOP Just Concede the 2024 POTUS Race With Its Latest Move?

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As the Michigan GOP continues to swirl into oblivion, I think it is fair to point out one very important thing before I begin. We are just a month into the new Michigan GOP leadership regime, and they are smashing the pedal to drive over the cliff Thelma and Lousie style.


No wonder Democrats crush it in this state—when the GOP does all the hard work for them.

I can already hear people complaining that I’m a RINO or some other nonsense that they make up to make themselves feel better about actual observations or questions being brought up about the fact that, maybe, the GOP in the state of Michigan has not improved since the last election for chairperson. Yet in all fairness, the last chairperson and co-chair were quite awful, but it seems like Kristina Karamo started off her term with a “hold my beer” statement, to see how fast she could top the ineptitude of the last leadership team.

The lady moves fast.

This is why my last piece on my home state, entitled Michigan Is a BLUE State and Lying About It Won’t Change That Fact, was spot on, and will continue to be true for at least another five or six years.


The latest installment of the Michigan Republican Follies comes in the form of news that the newly elected Michigan GOP chair Kristina Karamo has decided to abandon the Michigan GOP headquarters in Lansing, Michigan. There is nothing really wrong with the building, but she decided that it was time to move party operations across the state and use a P.O. Box out of Grand Rapids for an official mailing address.


How 21st century is that?

From The Detroit News

Kristina Karamo, the new chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party, announced Monday she doesn’t plan to use the GOP’s longtime headquarters in Lansing, a development that represents a significant shift in the party’s operations.

Karamo, a frequent critic of the so-called Republican “establishment,” contended there were better ways to expend donors’ contributions than paying a trust, run by former party chairs, that controls the property. It would cost about $12,000 a month to keep operating out of the building, wrote Karamo and her co-chair, Malinda Pego, in an “update” email to Republican activists.

“Instead of paying a lease/rent to ‘a trust’ that is claiming we can’t even see the trust documents, and instead of attempting to repair the building that does not belong to MIGOP, we shall not be making use of this building given that, to do so, does not represent best use of fundraising dollars,” Karamo and Pego wrote.

Full-blown clown show going on right now and if you think otherwise, look in the mirror to see how thick that makeup is caked on your face.

Now, somehow, the Detroit News was able to get the very agreement that Karamo says she could not get her hands on, which explains exactly how building trust works. I have a feeling that currently, the Michigan GOP does not have many lawyers on staff that could possibly explain how this all works, so the prudent thing is just to abandon the building.


That will teach the establishment folks.

Now, don’t get me wrong; there has been a lot of buffoonery around the Michigan Republican Party by those whom most of us would say are the establishment. I should clarify by saying the establishment is those who could care less whether or not Republicans win or lose; they just want to be there and get paid in some way shape or form, in my opinion.

However, there are people in and around the party who do support certain ideas like being pro-life and shrinking the size of government through lowering taxes, that gets smeared, and probably aren’t going to be donating to the Karamo GOP anytime soon.

Why would they?

So, they can be berated and told they are demonic for not agreeing with everything someone spews out of their pie hole? I would skip writing a check, also, for that group.

As I wrote above in my piece here about Michigan being a blue state…

Michigan Republicans just lost both the State House and Senate control for the first time since before John Engler left office. The only bright spot the GOP had was control of the legislature, and now that the redistricting is out of the hands of the legislature and given to a group of citizens who are picked through some weird process, you can bet the GOP won’t be getting a favorable district any time soon.

Those are all just facts that are verifiable. We can discuss the reasons why this has occurred and the overall cause and effect, but what I just wrote above is factual history.

My friends, how is Michigan a red state when we haven’t elected a conservative Republican since 1998 with John Engler nor a United States Senator since 1994 with Spencer Abraham? Republicans have lost legislative control of both Chambers for the first time in over 30 years, and while it’s only by one seat in each chamber, the redistricting that was done after the 2020 census does not look promising for the next 10 years.


What is happening in the state as we speak means this state GOP is not in a position to lay the groundwork to win in 2024. Hell, the way they are going, they won’t be able to win back the House or the Senate either; they lost control of both of those by just one seat each.

You need a coordinated effort from the GOP leader of the state to start that process of winning state-wide elections, and Karamo is not sure which Tim Horton coffee and bake shop the state party will be holding meetings at yet.

Sounds fun, right?

No, it actually doesn’t.

Unless you are part of the Democrats in this state. In which case, I’m beginning to believe that maybe, just maybe, the Dems pulled a fast one over on the GOP faithful in this state and planted some people.

Whomever the GOP picks in 2024 to run for POTUS will be skipping Michigan, and that is a shame. No serious candidate will come here, while the party is smoldering because of useless word salads explaining away the lack of leadership.

HEY, if you have thoughts on any of this, you can always let me know by checking out my bio RIGHT HERE, and let me know via email to social media platforms. If you get really creative, I may mention you on my radio show or Facebook live events, which I do LIVE three times a week.

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