Michigan GOP Blows up With Chairman Choice and Democrats Rejoice and Laugh

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Michigan, we need to have a talk.

Now before I start, I want to give a fair warning to those who tend to get a little bit emotional and don’t allow their God-given ability to actually have rational thoughts win the day in their vapid minds. So here is the opportunity and a way out of reading any further if you sometimes feel you were born a male but really are female.


In other words, I’m going to be speaking in a manner that is truthful and pokes fun at those who feel rather than think (imagine how Donald Trump talks to the press but I don’t have the orange hue). So, if you were one of the people who I engaged with over the past 24 hours about what happened in Lansing. Michigan yesterday for the Michigan GOP convention to select a leader for the next two years and you had emotional outbursts and piddled on yourself, you have been warned: I can NOT be held responsible from here on out if you read past this point.

Here we go.

The Grand Old Party of the state of Michigan yesterday gathered in the state’s capital to select a new leader for the next two years. With the recent failure of the November election still hovering in the air, it was way past time to replace chairman Ron Weisner and co-chair Meshawn Maddock and that is what happened yesterday.

Here is a brief view from the Freep:

Kristina Karamo, a Republican who has made unsubstantiated allegations of fraud in the 2020 presidential election and has still not conceded her 14-point loss in the 2022 Michigan election for secretary of state, was elected chair of the Michigan Republican Party Saturday, after three ballots at a state convention.

Karamo defeated unsuccessful GOP attorney general candidate Matt DePerno of Kalamazoo, a fellow election denier who was endorsed in the party chair race by Trump. Karamo had 58% of the vote on the final ballot. DePerno had 42%.

“We will not betray you; we will not lie to you,” Karamo said in a brief victory speech as convention delegates were hustled out of the Lansing Center. The cash-strapped state party had only paid to rent the hall until late afternoon. Officials extended the arrangement until 8 p.m. but told delegates they had to leave quickly after the third ballot.


I’m going to leave aside for the moment the absolute s*** show that the convention was and all that was reported on by delegates who were there supporting their preferred candidate. What I’m going to focus on is the new GOP chair herself and some of the reactions from her supporters that defy common sense.

As mentioned above in the article from the Freep, Karamo ran for Secretary of State and the results of that back in November were a clear-cut disaster. Did Weiser and Maddock fully support any of the candidates running for statewide office last year? No. That was obvious from before the nominating convention in August but a lot of the people at the convention yesterday probably didn’t realize that or they just didn’t care.

Karamo ran the least effective campaign of anyone statewide and was soundly defeated by 14 points.

Let me be really clear here there is no evidence of any fraud in her election because if there were then why has Karamo herself not shown it?

Instead, we get people regurgitating the phrase “EVERYONE KNOWS IT” which is not proof but is a lazy talking point meant to get people riled up who get pissy when they don’t get the prize they had hoped for in their Crackerjack box. If you have the proof you show it, if you don’t you act like liberals do and scream to intimidate those asking reasonable questions and looking for evidence.

Now, I fully understand the pushback on the “establishment” of the Michigan GOP. For far too long, those who have been in politics professionally in this state have made a fabulous living just collecting paychecks not concerned if the candidates with an “R” after their name won or lost. One of the lazy stances and lies that has been repeated for 20 years is that Michigan is a red state, no pun intended. The fact of the matter though is Michigan has been trending blue since John Engler left office in 2002 and it is firmly in the deep blue genre right now. Yet state leadership and grassroots folks all just ignore that trend and the results have been devasting.


The state has not elected a Republican as a United States Senator since 1994 and has not elected a conservative Governor since 1998. Donald Trump barely won the state in 2016 with an 11,000 vote margin which only happened because the Clinton campaign wrote off Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin thinking that they would just win without showing up. If you think that whole stretch of time is all because of voter fraud and you can’t prove any of it, you give the Democrats way too much credit. I also have a title of a bridge Ted Kennedy once drove off of to sell to you.

The people who constantly chime in and say it’s just a red state if we only nominate the right people or get the grassroots involved have been lying to themselves and other people for close to three decades. That goes for the leadership of the state party at times, and also the activists on the ground who had blinders on and were not willing to actually see the world as it is but as they hope it would be one day.

So yesterday, the Michigan GOP decided to go with their feelings and elect somebody who denied her own culpability and her loss in the race for Secretary of State in 2022. This was at best confusing (or at worst self-sabotage) because most of these folks plan of moving to Florida before 2024. There are actual people both in this state and around the country who were in races that they barely won or lost and you can make an argument for irregularities and ballots cast.

Karamo is not one of those people in any world where facts and logic reign.


She lost her race in November of last year by 615,349 votes, or 14 points, which in football terms is two solid touchdowns. There are no flags on the field and the replay shows that she got beat like a drum and her refusing to concede that race bodes poorly for this state. People are supposed to learn from their mistakes and improve themselves from them not deny, deny, deny. We desperately need a Republican party that was willing to start rebuilding starting yesterday and instead, we got a temper tantrum during the votes on the floor and the reaction later to people being asked simple questions.

I do hope that this does not discourage those men and women of goodwill and common sense from still being involved. While it looks dim at this moment while the Democrats have to do nothing in this state but watch this slow car wreck unfold. They have two years and probably more to absolutely wreak havoc on the state and it will be hard to stomach, but fighting for a good cause is never a bad thing.

You are just going to have to do it without the help from the state leadership that will raise little to no money and will blame everything on other people or mystical beings instead of their own screwups.

I hope for the best but I have seen this movie ending before and it is not pretty.

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