Leader of the Canadian Trucker Protest Finally Gets a Bail Hearing Five Days After Being Arrested

Canadian truck heading to an off-ramp from Trucker Convoy 2022, screenshot. Credit: @Phyxx/Twitter

The last week has been pretty tough on the glorious country of Canada and the Canadian people.

Hell, it has been pretty tough for those of us watching the Trudeau government’s debacle of how NOT to handle peaceful protests here in the states and across the world. Yet, I have faith that the cold winters up in the Great White North have made these people tough and they will get through this.


If you are a regular reader of us here at RedState (and why wouldn’t you be?) you know that we have been covering the story of what has been going on in Canada because it could have implications here. Government overreach is not just for books written by Geroge Orwell or silly political dramas like The West Wing — it happens in real life.

What Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is doing in his country right now with his Emergency Powers is something that boneheads here in the states would LOVE to try and they are watching to see how the laid-back Canadians handle this.

Now that the Parliament has voted to approve Trudeau’s power grab (I wrote about what might happen yesterday right here Canadian Parliament Votes Tonight to Approve or Deny Trudeau’s Martial Law-Like Power), will everyone just need to obey the state? My colleague Nick Arama went over this in a post from yesterday called Ottawa Police Say You ‘Simply’ Have to Comply With the Police State.

From that post…

We brought you a lot of the crackdown over the weekend in Ottawa. They have largely cleared out the standing protest. Some were arrested and charged, others appear to have been picked up, held for a while, and then released some distance away with a threat to not come back.

But in its place, they have imposed fences blocking off a variety of areas and imposing at least 100 checkpoints and they want you to know that if you “simply” comply with the government edicts, all will be well. Oh, and you’ll have to submit to grilling as to why you might want to walk down the street.

Weren’t they supposed to be clearing blockades? I’m so confused! Now, remember this is despite clearing out the standing protest. So if anyone was disturbed about trucks, now they can have police “simply” grilling them as to what they are doing just because they want to walk down the street. Oh, and by the way, the elites, they can get through, just you peons can’t.


Canada, fascism does not look good on you.

Part of Trudeau’s new government powers is that the Canadian authorities can freeze your bank accounts — which is problematic when you are sitting in jail for five days and want to be bailed out. One of the leaders of this protest has been sitting in a cell since Thursday night, Feb 17th, waiting for her opportunity to get out of jail. Her chance finally comes today.

From the CBC

A second major organizer of the so-called Freedom Convoy will have to wait a few more days before an Ontario Court of Justice judge decides whether to grant her bail.

Tamara Lich, the Alberta woman behind a now-halted GoFundMe campaign that raised over $10 million to support the protest in Ottawa, was arrested and charged Thursday with counselling to commit mischief.

Police arrested another key leader, Chris Barber, on the same day. He was released on bail Friday.

Before her arrest, Lich told journalists she wasn’t concerned about being arrested, didn’t think the protest was illegal and also said her bank account was frozen

At her bail hearing Saturday, Lich wore a black hoodie with white text that combined a heart and maple leaf to read “I love Canadian oil and gas.”

She was also required to wear a medical mask, one of the mandates the convoy has been fighting against, along with requiring COVID-19 vaccines to participate in certain activities like cross-border trucking.

Canadian laws are different than ours and thank GOD for that. The Founders of this country knew that people like Trudeau and his ilk have always lurked in the halls of government and they put checks into place to help combat them.


Yet Tamara Lich is being charged with counselling to commit mischief and has been sitting in a jail cell for almost a week? What in the hell is that? I can’t help but think that counselling to commit mischief is akin to telling someone to pull your finger and get the predictable result.

Tamara and her team helped organize what looks to be one of the largest, most peaceful protests in any era and this is tick tack crap she is being held on. The excuses being used that the people of Ottawa were inconvenienced are nonsensical. You live in a city that inconveniences the rest of the country on a daily basis. I’m sorry that the sounds of trucks, horns, and music got in the way of you getting your Tim Hortons coffee and made you feel threatened.

Actually, what is going on here is that Prime Minister Black Face and Hair Gel is really none too happy that he is being challenged. I ran across a meme the other day with his face on it that said: “I’m going to save each and every one of you even if I have to kill you,” which sums it up perfectly. Trudeau thinks that he and he alone has the best interest of Canadian citizens, and if you challenge that, you need to be crushed with the full weight of the national government.

That a woman who was just standing outside talking to reporters on Thursday night was arrested and has been held for five days for having opposing political views than the narcissist in charge is disgusting. That she and hundreds of others have also been arrested and had their bank accounts seized is particularly troubling. This is third-world stuff that people like Trudeau would be railing against for some good camera time and to preen in front of the world.


I sincerely hope that Tamara Lich gets out of jail today and that she will continue to speak out. Canada needs more common sense folks like her and less of Prime Minster Thin Skin.

You deserve much better than this, Canada.


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