Detroit Police Chief and Potential Candidate for MI Gov Speaks out on Police Reform Movement

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On the one-year anniversary of the death of George Floyd, both the idea of police reform and the crazy idea of defunding the police are still floating around in the national discussion. Currently, Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) is leading the discussion on Capitol Hill, along with Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) on how to turn some of the past year’s discussions into legislation.


With the energy that the Democrats have with the defund or abolish the police wing of their party, I’m not sure any compromise can ever be made in Congress. The results of the policies those voices have entertained are situations like what happened in George Floyd Square early this morning on live T.V., where journalists and bystanders had to take cover as a drive-by shooting occurred, and they’re not good.

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On the Fox News show America Reports, John Roberts had on an expert on policing and some knowledge of what is being discussed about police reform and the defunding movement. Detroit Police Chief James Craig has been the top cop in Detroit since 2013 and has been in law enforcement for almost 40 years and has some expertise in this field. He also will be retiring from the department on June 1st of this year and is rumored to be running for the GOP nomination for Governor. So his views might be something people should give a listen to.

Roberts started off by asking what Craig thought of the police reform movement and how it has been overtaken by defunding the police noise and used as an example the current situation in Minneapolis where Floyd died.

Craig: You know I got to tell you John that this is not police reform. Let’s go around and take a look at what is going on with our country. Crime is soaring, and so why is that? Well, police officers are vilified and morale is down and these departments can’t hire and they don’t feel supported. Some cities are de-policing, and I’m fortunate that here in Detroit that our men and women still go out day after day and evening after evening doing the work to keep our city safe and they are being supported.


The reason why Detroit did not have the major issues that other cities that are run by Democrats had last year is due to a lot of what Chief Craig and his team have done since 2013. They have made it known that they are willing to take the time to get to know the movers and the shakers in the city so that they can call on them or vice versa. So while other cities had night after night of issues last year, Detroit stayed mostly calm because of the work that had been done years before where the citizens don’t look at all cops as bad.

Roberts then followed up by asking Chief Craig about the accountability of those calling for action against the police but not looking to focus on accountability with citizens who are fanning anger in the communities. He replied:

“You know, it is interesting you bring that up. Very rarely do we talk about the victims, do we talk about the families or the people who live in vulnerable communities it’s never about them. These few people who speak in these loud repulsive voices, they don’t care about the people who live in these cities. The people in Detroit who live in our neighborhoods do not want to defund; they support this police department.

Look at New York, for example, with a significant increase of attrition. A lot of these strategies are veiled to dismantle policing as we know it today. Police officers are going to continue to leave if this George Floyd Act passes in its current state. This is not going to work and they are not speaking for the people who live in our neighborhoods.


James Craig is spot-on here.

One year after the death of George Floyd the answer is not to have a police force that is almost non-existent. Reforms should be looked at and implemented if need be without gutting the very departments that are part of the system of law & order here in this country. The very people who are making bank on other people’s angst would be the first to scream the loudest if the angry mob came to grab or destroy their property.

If Craig does decide to run for Governor and wins the GOP nomination in 2022, he will make it an interesting November for Gretchen Whitmer.


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