WATCH: Drive-by Shooting Happens Live, on-Air as News Networks Report From 'George Floyd Square'

A drive-by shooting occurs as news networks report live from George Floyd Square (Credit: ABC News/Alex Presha)

I’m no expert, but I think if you are now having drive-by shootings live, on-air, from George Floyd Square, it’s probably time to pack it up and go home, right? That’s going to be the discussion after a scary scene unfolded today as news networks did live hits from the square touting the one-year anniversary of Floyd’s death.


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As ABC News reporter, Alex Presha, was discussing kneeling in solidarity for nine minutes, shots suddenly rang out in the background.

You can hear the shuffling going on in the background as they play b-roll. The camera then goes back to the in-studio anchor who appears to be in shock at what’s going on. You can hear upwards of a dozen shots popping off in very close proximity to where the news hits are happening.

Here’s another video from another network that shows the entirety of the scene, with the camera remaining on the square as the shots are fired.

As I’ve written about before, Black Lives Matter and other activists have turned so-called “George Floyd Square” into a hell-hole of crime and destroyed businesses. Local residents have been complaining, though, there appears to be no effort by the city government to return things to normal.

What exactly is the point of all this? George Floyd, at least insofar as you agree with the jury verdict, was murdered. The officer who did it was convicted and is going to jail. Past that, continuing to treat Floyd as a quasi-religious figure is simply nonsensical. Why does a major city need to have an entire block cordoned off for a now year-long running shrine to a guy who once held a gun to a pregnant woman? It’s possible to both think Floyd was unjustly killed but also believe he’s not a martyr who should be lauded for all eternity. That kind of nuance is rarely allowed these days, though.


It is long past time for Minneapolis to stop this nonsense, tear the shrines down, and return law and order to the area. Shootings have skyrocketed in the vicinity of what is now called “George Floyd Square,” and there is no reason to keep this going. Residents in the area need to demand that their leaders take control of the city and protect innocent lives. This has gone on long enough.


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