Kirk Cameron Won't Be Stopped From Speaking at Loudoun County Church Targeted by Radical Leftists

Kirk Cameron. Credit: TBN

It’s 2021 all over again in Loudoun County, Virginia.

Back then, in the midst of the COVID insanity that saw school boards use children as political pawns, a Facebook group full of radical “Doris Krantzs” organized with one purpose: to punish anyone who dared to disagree with them about “equity” or Critical Race Theory. They earned the moniker of “Chardonnay antifa” for their Saul Alinsky-esque tactics that encouraged members, many of whom were educators or school board members, to compile lists of parents to target and harass into silence.


The exposure of this group started the parent-led revolution that swept the nation in 2021, propelling parent advocate Glenn Youngkin into the governor’s mansion in Virginia—and inspiring thousands of parents to speak up about the educational malpractice running rampant in their communities. The citizens of Loudoun County were made keenly aware of the radical leftists in their midst who sought to silence them. That didn’t play well, even in left-leaning Loudoun County, and newly elected AG Jason Miyares made sure that justice was meted out.

Done. Dusted. Settled. Right?

Not so much. In the past few weeks, local media have uncovered yet another Facebook group — this one calling itself the “Loudoun Love Warriors,” and comprised of individuals closely aligned with local Democrats — targeting citizens who spoke at school board meetings and had the audacity to not parrot radical leftist talking points. They took it up a notch this time, actually making violent threats and conspiring to get people fired from their jobs.

The always-awesome Winsome Earle-Sears, speaking not as lieutenant governor of Virginia, but as a private citizen, had a few thoughts about the Loudoun County thugs:

My reaction to the…what are they calling themselves, ‘the Love Warriors Group’ — there’s nothing but hate in that group. From what I’m understanding, if the reports are true, and I don’t react to it as lieutenant governor, I react to it as a normal, sane human being, when you hear what this group is trying to do, they’re trying to destroy lives. They’re going to make sure you definitely have loss of employment, you will possibly lose your life because they’re talking about [disassemble] you, and they’re also possibly going to shoot you.

Now remember, this is the kind of group that says they’re against guns, except I guess when they’re the ones with the guns. So, folks, we’ve got to get a grip. We’re destroying America from the inside. This is what our enemies do to us. This is not we what we do to ourselves.


The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office has taken the threats seriously and launched an investigation into the actions of the group members. It has been revealed that a list of local citizens and organizations was compiled by the group as potential targets of their threats.

On that list was a popular and prominent Loudoun community church, Cornerstone Chapel. The church is unabashedly conservative and its pastor, Gary Hamrick, has reached minor celebrity status as a gifted homilist. Hamrick said of the threat to his church:

Our church, and others, have been targeted simply for our faith and values. It is ironic that those who espouse ‘tolerance’ the most, are actually some of the most intolerant people toward those of us with different views and values.

This is where Kirk Cameron comes in.

Cameron is no stranger himself to the culture war raging in America. He made headlines earlier in 2023 when he embarked on a book tour and pressed public libraries, many of which had flung open their doors to drag story hours, to let him hold Christian story hours on their premises. Predictably, some libraries balked at Cameron’s request to bring a wholesome message to young children. And on Sunday, Kirk Cameron will speak at Cornerstone Chapel, despite, or perhaps due to, the threats made against the church by local Democrats.

As RedState’s Becca Lower recently wrote, Cameron is well-versed in “the long-standing designs of the radical left—especially when it comes to America’s schools and the children who attend them.”


Cameron recently told One America News Network (OAN),

The target is always children. And that’s why God gave children to parents, not to governments, not to woke institutions—that are then staffed and manned by those that [sic] want to undermine the faith and values that made America great, and that advanced the good. So, we shouldn’t be surprised that nefarious forces are targeting children because the goal is, ultimately, the collapse of the family and the killing of God in America.

That’s why institutions like Cornerstone Chapel and prominent Christian conservatives like Kirk Cameron are an existential threat to the morally-bankrupt members of leftist Facebook groups who seek to destroy their fellow citizens. Where radical leftists use threats and violence to push their agendas, Christians and conservative use morality and reason. It’s good versus evil, and the left is clearly concerned they are losing.

They might also want to be concerned about AG Miyares, who has said he’s “very closely” monitoring the investigation into “Loudoun Love Warriors” and will take action if it becomes necessary.

Miyares said,

I think it was very disturbing to see a group of individuals some of which obviously, were staffers for elected leaders in Loudoun that were openly advocating for violence and intimidation against private citizens that did petition their government with their concerns. And that’s something that’s one of the most precious freedoms we have in this country — is your ability to let elected officials know when you think they’re doing their job well, or more importantly when they’re not happy with the job they’re doing,




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