BREAKING: Glenn Youngkin Projected to Win Virginia Gubernatorial Race

AP Photo/Steve Helber

I honestly thought the night would drag on much further, but we now have our first official call. It comes from Dave Wasserman, an extremely well-known and respected election analyst. It’s not an exaggeration to say he’s one of the top three people in the field.


And with that said, Wasserman has called the Virginia gubernatorial race for Glenn Youngkin.

That’s not a call that gets made by Wasserman if he’s not sure. Youngkin has killed it in the rural areas but has also picked up major support over Trump in the suburbs. Loudoun County turned out to be the bellwether everyone thought it would be, with Youngkin running several points ahead of his needed margin there.

And just as this was publishing, came this:

It’s not just Youngkin either. There’s an excellent shot that Republicans sweep all the statewide races and retake the House of Delegates as well.


An electoral earthquake is currently occurring in Virginia, and it has far-reaching consequences for a Democratic Party that is in absolute chaos. Tonight is shaping up to not just be an unlikely defeat, but a worst-case scenario for the left. Where do they go from here? You can bet they simply double down, but it is apparent that a majority of people are no longer buying what they are selling.

Be sure to stick with RedState for the remainder of the night as more results and analysis roll in.


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