Kirk Cameron and a Lineup of Brave Books Authors Host a D.C. Library Event

Brave Books Cleveland Park Library DC Event (Credit: Brave Books, used with permission)

Despite opposition such as LGBTQ activists’ disruption attempts in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and threats from New York City activists to disrupt a scheduled story hour with Libs of TikTok’s Chaya Raichik, the Brave Books “Freedom Island Book Tour” organized by actor and Christian media personality Kirk Cameron, has had a tremendous response, with parents and children coming out for wholesome family entertainment that does not involve bumping, grinding, and dollar bills.

Riley Gaines Reads to a Packed House of Parents and Children. (Credit: Brave Books, used with permission)

Since starting these in February, Cameron has successfully put on story hours at various public libraries throughout the country, including Nashville, Tennessee, Placentia, California, and Savannah, Georgia. On Wednesday, Cameron will be teaming up with Human Events Correspondent Jack Posobiec, Sean Spicer, host of Newsmax’s Spicer & Co., Libs of TikTok Founder Chaya Raichik, and CEO and Founder of Brave Books Trent Talbot for an exciting story hour event at the Cleveland Park Library in Washington, D.C. Scheduled for the morning, Cameron will lead off the presentation reading from his book, As You Grow

Kirk Cameron Reads from his Book, “As You Grow.” (Credit: Brave Books, used with permission)

Cameron had this to say about the efforts to squash the Freedom Island Tour and this D.C. event:

“An arthritic flea could more reasonably stop a stampede of wild elephants running to a mud bath, than a few sad, misguided individuals can stop the tidal wave of good families streaming in to join our fun, faith-filled, wholesome and patriotic Brave Books Story Hours. Early RSVP’s are in: Party-poopers will be outnumbered 100 to 1. See you at the library!”

Libs of TikTok creator Chaya Raichik has recently joined the fight, going public and penning her children’s book, No More Secrets: The Candy Cavern, which teaches children to trust the authority of their parents and reject the secrets that any other authority figure encourages children to keep to themselves.


 “It has been so refreshing seeing the BRAVE team and Kirk Cameron travel the country to offer wholesome story hours for kids. I am excited to participate in the upcoming story hour in DC. I spend a lot of energy and time exposing the attacks on our children, but I also want to be active in providing a solution for parents and children.  

Past story hours incorporated other celebrities and musicians, but this is the first one that solely features Brave Books authors. Rounding out the lineup is Spicer & Co. host Sean Spicer, who wrote, The Parrots Go Bananas, about the danger of spreading lies.

“From the earliest grades, children are being introduced and indoctrinated with left wing ideology and ideas usually reserved for adults. My book and the other Freedom Island books give parents the confidence knowing their children are learning about themes that will prepare their kids to do the right thing when faced with a challenging situation.”

Human Events correspondent Jack Posobiec wrote The Island of Free Ice Cream, about the deception and dangers of socialism. And last, but certainly not least, Brave Books founder and CEO Trent Talbot will read from the book, The Fight for Freedom Island, in the Saga 1 series.

Brave Books Founder and CEO Trent Talbot. (Credit: Brave Books, used with permission)

“I believe the protestors that we have been seeing at these story hours are the extreme minority. The American people, at large, are hungry for wholesome content as evidenced by hundreds and even thousands of supporters at every library we go to! I expect D.C. will be no different.


Many families are fed up with the attempts by the Left to shove the entire drag queen agenda down their throats. Just like the five stages of grief, the Left has the five stages of indoctrination, and I believe our country is at Stage 4: attempts to normalize formerly deviant behavior and shaming anyone who will not cosign this agenda. The Brave Books “Freedom Island Tour” not only flies in the face of these attempts but gives a sound contrast and alternative to what is being force-fed to parents and children. It’s the difference between being asked if you would like chocolate ice cream or a turd sandwich. The success of Cameron’s story hours is revealing what people do when they have a credible choice.


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