Three Democrats Facing Expulsion From Tennessee Legislature for Aiding the 'Transurrection'

Tennessee Democrats Gloria Johnson, Justin Pearson, and Justin Jones disrupt Tennessee House of Representatives during the "Transurrection." CREDIT: Twitter

Monday, three Tennessee bolsheviks were stripped of their committee assignments and locked out of the Tennessee Capitol because of their leading role in the “Transurrection” that took over the capitol building last Wednesday (WATCH: Left-Wing Protesters Storm TN Capitol, Insurrection Reaches the Legislative Chamber).


State Representatives Gloria Johnson and Justin Jones were notified by the Clerk of the Tennessee House of Representatives that they had been stripped of all committee assignments. A third representative, Justin Pearson (Justin as a first name seems to be a thing amount Tennessee Democrats), had no committee assignments. Their ability to enter the legislative facilities was restricted in a separate action.

Three Democrats Barred Facing Expulsion form Legislature for Aiding the 'Transurrection'

Naturally, the anti-American left is beside itself. Gun-grabbing twink, David Hogg, suffered a bout of fecal incontinence if using all caps is any indicator.

Monday night, House Speaker Cameron Sexton had the votes to file expulsion resolutions on all three.


The three are trying to portray themselves as some sort of martyrs to the cause of democracy when their actions show they had much more in common with communist revolutionaries than with any part of American political tradition. The left is trying to whitewash their actions by claiming they didn’t lead the protesters. That’s true, as far as it goes. What the three did was move to the presiding officer’s bench with a bullhorn and lead the protesters in the gallery in chants.

Some legislators expressed the opinion that this would make them into “martyrs. That might happen, but making martyrs is not as damaging as introducing mobocracy to the legislature.

Republicans always make the same mistakes when dealing with these kinds of antics. First, they seek to “take the high ground,” thinking they are dealing with bad behavior and ill-breeding rather than recognizing Leninist and Maoist revolutionary warfare actions for what they are. Second, they always forget that Democrats never fail to mistake kindness for weakness.


In cases like this, we need to take a page from Stalin’s playbook (figuratively, of course, I’d never, ever advocate hauling them out of their homes in the middle of the night and carting them and their extended families off to a hastily dug trench in the deep forest) that goes something like, “If a man is a problem, then no man, no problem.”

I dearly hope Speaker Sexton has the votes to expel these three clowns — I suspect he does, and I just hope he pulls the trigger rather than reducing the bill of expulsion to a threat — even though they will be replaced with people just as opposed to the rule of law as these. If he doesn’t take action, he’s just opened the door to mob rule.



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