First Republican Elected in Seattle in Three Decades as Sanity Peeks Above the Parapet and Looks Around

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Last night may go down as one of the most decisive elections in the last half-century, if not longer. While most of the nation was focused on the gubernatorial contest in Virginia where Republicans swept all statewide offices–they’ve been shut out since 2009–and regained control of Virginia’s House of Delegates, hopefully retiring Clinton bagman Terry McAuliffe for good in the process, a lot of good things were happening in other places.


In New York City, a former NYPD captain, Eric Adams, won the race for mayor. His win, per se, was not a shock but his nomination was. He seems much more sane than Bill DeBlasio, and though no conservative by any stretch of the imagination, he seems poised to reverse the bizarre and dysfunctional policies of the incumbent communist that have made New York nearly unliveable and resulted in about 100,000 New Yorkers fleeing the city in the past year.

On Long Island, things were little short of epic.

Even though Minneapolis re-elected the same communist mayor and city council that has run that city into the ground and adopted a rent control law that will inevitably destroy affordable housing, the citizens of that city had enough commonsense to vote down a ballot measure disbanding the Minneapolis Police Department (read Progressives Get Handed Their Heads With Minneapolis Vote on ‘Defund the Police’).

My colleague Nick Arama has highlighted some unexpected bright lights in New Jersey where the fascist governor who sicced the highway patrol on Jewish funerals last year narrowly escaped defeat and the New Jersey Senate President was defeated by a truck driver with no staff whose only campaign expense was for coffee and doughnuts (see New Jersey May Have the Best Race of the Night (It Isn’t the Governor’s Race).


In Texas, Republican John Lujan flipped a heavily Democrat seat (Biden +14 points in 2020) in a 73% Hispanic district in a special election.

One of the strangest parts of the night came from Seattle. In addition to the usual white-people-are-evil curriculum being carried out by the Seattle school bureaucracy, Seattle was beset with Antifa and Black Lives Matter nonsense for a lot of 2020. A “autonomous zone” was created in the downtown area and when the Black police chief objected, she found her salary cut by the city council. A sampling of our Seattle coverage is below:

Seattle Refuses to Remove Homeless Encampment on Middle School Grounds Before Semester Begins

Former Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best Unloads Nearly a Year After CHAZ/CHOP Encampment

Seattle Council Member Proposes Troubling Amendment to Inhibit Prosecution of Crimes Committed by Protesters

Last night, brought some major surprises.

Bruce Harrell who ran on a pro-business, pro-police, return-to-sanity platform defeated hard left Lorena Gonzalez 65-35. It was a “non-partisan” election, which means they were both Democrats. Sara Nelson, a leftist who believes in economic activity and some freedom, had a 60-40 victory over her opponent, another hardcore leftist named Nikkita (with one ‘k’ so she would be confused with Nikita Khruschev) Oliver. The major shock was Ann Davison who became the first Republican elected in Seattle in 32 years. Davison is a former Democrat who defected to GOP a couple of years ago as part of the “Walk Away” movement. Davison ran on a law-and-order platform against a proto-typical Seattle leftist who wanted to stop prosecution of misdemeanors…probably as a waypoint to getting rid of felony prosecutions as well. She’s not a conservative, but she’s heartily despised by the far left and that counts for something.



While I don’t see last night as a sea change in favor of the GOP, I do see it as a leading indicator that the whole BLM/Antifa/Critical Race Theory fad has burned itself out. Virginia was not won on Club for Growth issues. It was won by challenging the fundamental changes the left wishes to impose upon our culture and by refusing to back down despite whatever stupidity Nicolle Wallace and Joy Reid had dreamed up on a particular day (Wait, WHO’S Lying? MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace Blames McAuliffe Loss on ‘Lies’ About Critical Race Theory; More Delicious Delusional Liberal Media Meltdowns: They Still Don’t Get It). Long Island flipped over the core issue of “bail reform.” Sanity won everywhere it was on the ballot. We shouldn’t forget that in 2024.



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