Biden's China Virus Guru Is Asked Why Florida Has Better Data Than California and His Answer Will Not Surprise You

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Yesterday, Biden’s China virus adviser, Andy Slavitt, made an appearance on Stephanie Ruhle’s little dumpster fire on MSNBC. Much to the shock of the five or six people watching the show, Ruhle committed a rogue act of journalism. Right out of the box, she hit Slavitt with a real question, “Contrast states like Florida and California, California basically in lockdown, and their numbers aren’t that different from Florida.”


This is the interview segment cued up for your convenience.

RUHLE: Contrast states like Florida and California, California basically in lockdown and their numbers aren’t that different from Florida.

SLAVITT: Good mornning, Stepahnie, ah, look there is so much of this, huh, virus that we think we understand, that we think we can predict that’s just beyond, a little bit beyon our explanation. But we do know is the more careful people are, the more they mask and social distance, the quicker we vaccinate, the quicker it goes away and the less it spreads.But we have got to get better visibility into variants, we don’t know what role they play, large events, etc. But, as we’ve all learned by this time, this is a virus that continues to surprise us, um, it’s very hard to predict and all around the country we’ve got to continue to do a better job, and I think we are but we’re nott done yet.

RUHLE: But what does that look like? Because people are fatigued by it.

You can watch the rest of the interview, but I’ll save you the time; he never answers the Florida vs. California question. Not because he doesn’t know the answer but because answering it would undercut the ruthless aggrandizement of power at the expense of American citizens now underway under the cover of the “pandemic.”


This is an important point that the media has ignored with religious fervor for the past year and which the Biden campaign was never forced to talk about. Florida has basically said they aren’t playing PandemicPanic™. The data demonstrate conclusively that mask mandates and lockdowns, whatever benefit they may confer at some theoretical level, just do not make a difference. PolitiFact, the notorious left-wing #FakeNews organization that Facebook and others use to ensure that ideas unpopular with the elites can’t be shared, offers this handy chart.

The 10 states below, other than Florida, had the strictest combined requirements on business openings and stay-at-home advisories on Nov. 30, according to the New York Times. We’ve compared these states to Florida on coronavirus cases, deaths, and hospitalizations per capita on Dec. 1.

You can go to the link and do the same for deaths and hospitalizations.

In any field of science, this kind of evidence would be a bright flare saying, “something’s f***ed up.” But in the pseudo-religion of masks and social distancing surrounding the Wuhan virus, our elites avert their eyes, and our brave firefighters in the media gaslight us into accepting ever-increasing limits on civil liberties in the alleged cause of stopping the dreaded virus.


They’ve talked repeatedly about “superspreader” events, a term that has no real medical or scientific definition but is attached to public displays that contradict the rules imposed on Americans for no real reason. For instance, the Sturgis (SD) Motorcycle Rally drew something on the order of 460,000 attendees, and the environment focused on freedom, not masks and the Karenwaffen. This event drew a lot of scrutiny from the mask fascists because they were sure it would cause a huge outbreak. It didn’t. Only 414 cases and one death were linked to the event; see Prominent China Virus Task Force Member Gets All Stompy-Foot Over the Under Classes Not Doing What They are Told. Investigation upon investigation was done of Trump rallies; the absence of blaring headlines and blathering news anchors on the topic speaks for the results. I predict similar results from the Super Bowl.

Yet, despite the data…the science, if you will…the Biden administration has been threatening Florida with the equivalent of economic sanctions because it will not change its successful response to the China virus to mimic the failed policy of wannabe police-state governors, Joe Biden’s Threat to Restrict Travel to Florida Is Stupid, Illegal and Counterproductive but That Doesn’t Mean He Won’t Do It.


Some final thoughts here. Andy Slavitt is a garbage person on a good day; see Joe Biden’s Pick to Lead Wuhan Virus Vaccine Distribution Is an Arrogant, Politically-Driven Elitist Who Holds Americans in Contempt so the Press Will Love Him, so he fits in well in the Biden public health apparatus. Seeing him twirl and twitch in the breeze trying to answer a simple question with a friendly interviewer is hilarious considering how he deliberately spread misinformation and disinformation to sow confusion and damage the Trump administration. Here is a sampling of his work. In this instance, he spreads a blatant and easily falsifiable lie about ventilator shortages (a therapy that many doctors are now saying is worse than the disease). Why? To hurt the Trump administration:

Here he is pretending he actually knows his ass from a hot rock and advocates what is being done in California as the sure fix, even though it was known at the time that lockdown states were not showing better outcomes than non-lockdown states (read the whole thread).


Listen to Susie Moore’s podcast PODCAST: Moore to the Point With Susie Moore – Ep. 5 – Conversation With Streiff on Elite Incompetence for more insights into why someone who considers themself an expert may be lying to you.

If we had a press worthy of the name, every public health necromancer that appears on any program would be forced to answer the very simple question of why data do not show any benefit to mask mandates lockdowns.



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