Joe Biden's Pick to Lead Wuhan Virus Vaccine Distribution Is an Arrogant, Politically-Driven Elitist Who Holds Americans in Contempt so the Press Will Love Him

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One of the challenges facing the incoming Biden administration is dragging out the self-imposed crisis created by the Wuhan virus long enough to irrevocably trash the US economy to the extent that small business is eradicated (read Joe Biden Goes For the Jugular In His Bid to Destroy Small Business) and we are all on the federal dole of one kind or another. To ensure the best results, the Biden administration is staffing up with all manner of duds recycled from the Obama administration.

The figure being touted as the guy who can un-fu…uh…un-screw this mess is one such Obama retread named Andy Slavitt.

Andy Slavitt, the former acting chief of Medicare and Medicaid under the Obama administration, is expected to join President-elect Joe Biden’s Covid-19 team in a senior advisory role, CNN has learned.

Slavitt’s role is expected to be temporary, sources said, as the incoming Biden administration is days away from inheriting the daunting task of getting the spread of Covid under control and quickly vaccinating the country. The expected hire underscores the all-hands-on-deck approach the Biden team appears to be taking when it comes to the coronavirus, as it looks to meet its goal of administering 100 million vaccine shots during Biden’s first 100 days in office.

Slavitt declined to comment.

Notably, prior to being named acting head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Slavitt had been brought on to help the Obama administration fix the botched rollout of its website. That effort to fix the Obamacare enrollment website was spearheaded by Jeff Zients, who is now Biden’s Covid coordinator.

If you think what happened after the Obamacare roll-out was a success, I suppose you are encouraged by this choice to lead the nation’s vaccination effort. If, on the other hand, you were an adult in 2012, or are sane, or even a little insane but properly medicated, this should scare the living daylights out of you.

The task facing Slavitt is daunting. Surveys show that around 40% of the country does not want the vaccine. To add to this existing skepticism is evidence that the vaccines may not be all that safe or effective (see Very Frail “Should Probably NOT Be Vaccinated,” Says Top Norwegian Doc After 13 Elderly Deaths Linked to Pfizer’s Experimental Concoction).

So what do we know about Mr. Slavitt? Fortunately, a lot. Unfortunately, none of it is good.

By training and inclination, Slavitt will be looking to maximize efficiency and cutting costs. This is the mindset that brought you the very, very real Obamacare “death panels.” It will meld well with the governing philosophy in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, among others, that stuffed virulently contagious Wuhan virus patients into long-term care facilities packed with the elderly and infirm.

Okay, fine, he’s a cynical propagandist who will gaslight as many people as possible to push a political end. He’ll fit in nicely with Fauci and the rest of the public health weirdos who have been trying to trash the economy for the last ten months.

So, not only is he not a scientist (don’t get me wrong, the last people I want making decisions of any kind for me are scientists and doctors…well, maybe lawyers, too) he is incapable of comprehending open source literature on the virus and prefers totalitarian political solutions. Great. He’ll fit right in with Fauci and friends.

Wonderful. Not only is he pretty much pig-ignorant about the existential danger that lockdowns pose to a great number of Americans, but he also holds well over half of America in total contempt.

On the whole, he’s a perfect fit for the Biden administration. Elitist (I don’t know if he demands to be called “doctor” or not, but I wouldn’t be shocked), driven by a political agenda, contemptuous of Americans, and careless about what happens to us so long as he is making decisions that affect our lives. It is going to be a long four years. I hope the weenies at National Review are going to be happy getting what they wished for.




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