Moore to the Point - The One-Way Street

The Culture War’s battlefront has shifted rapidly over the past decade: From gay marriage, to BLM, to abortion, to transgenderism. I’m old enough to remember when the “Battle of the Sexes” and the ERA were things. Now they seem somewhat quaint as, depending on the day and setting, we may not even be allowed to define the sexes or distinguish between them.


I say that somewhat facetiously – of course we’re allowed to make such distinctions, and most people still do. It’s just that there’s a very vocal activist set seemingly intent on shouting down anyone who dares to challenge their version of how things ought to be – today (that could always change tomorrow).

Two arenas in which these battles are currently playing out are women’s spaces and women’s sports. Those who have the temerity to question whether it’s appropriate to allow biological males into women’s restrooms and locker rooms or to compete in women’s sporting events are called names, screeched at, sometimes even physically assaulted for their trouble.

Have you noticed, though, that these skirmishes all seem to be a one-way street? They involve the intrusion of males into female facilities or activities. We really don’t hear about issues with biological females in men’s rooms or men’s athletic competitions. Why is that, do you suppose?



This “Moore to the Point” commentary aired on NewsTalkSTL on Monday, April 10th. Audio included below.

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