SFSU VP Blocks Riley Gaines, Gaines Lets Her Know Actions Have Consequences

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As we reported earlier, San Francisco State University released a statement from “Jamillah Moore, Ed.D.” who is their “Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management” about the assault on All-American swimmer Riley Gaines by radical trans activists while she was speaking on their campus. Moore praised the protesters “who participated peacefully” and said that she was “proud” of them. Click on the tweet to see the full statement.


Moore did not mention in her statement the students who mobbed and assaulted Gaines and chased her screaming down the hall as she had to be rushed to safety in another room. Gaines was then stuck in that room for the next three hours as the mob howled outside and the campus police who had rushed her there were too afraid to confront the mob. The “activists” outside were even caught on video talking about demanding she pay them to be let out. Finally, the city police arrived and got her out of there.

A TPUSA College Senior Field Representative also posted this picture saying she also was shoved during the ambush.


It was disgraceful behavior all around: by the radicals, but also by the school for failing to protect the safety of a speaker and failing to punish or hold anyone accountable in any way for the violent actions. The University police also released a statement that there hadn’t been any arrests made.

Gaines went on Tucker Carlson’s show saying that this wasn’t going to stop her from speaking out on behalf of women’s rights — she said, “I will not be silenced” and indicated that she would be taking action against the people involved. She also ripped the statement by Moore, saying it was “the opposite of peaceful.”

Notice the other thing missing from Moore’s statement: any recognition of the obligation of the university to ensure the safety of speakers or free speech, or any acknowledgment or apology to Gaines, or any effort to say such a thing would never happen again — that speech would be protected at the school. Nowhere was there a denunciation of attacking a woman on the campus. So much for “women’s rights” when they talk about “diversity.”


Gaines tweeted at Moore with some more from the attack.

One might think that Moore’s response would be something along the lines of “Let’s talk” and “See if we can address the problem.” That would have made public relations and legal sense. Instead, Moore blocked her.

Once again, Gaines was not taking that lying down and she had a message for Moore trying to duck the issue.

It also looks like Moore protected her tweets. I’m guessing that means there are things in there she may not have wanted people to see and/or she didn’t want people giving her a piece of their mind.


“I guess it’s easier for her to ignore me than to denounce violence against women. She won’t be able to ignore my lawsuit,” Gaines promised.

I’m thinking that Moore should have responded to Gaines. Now, she, the university, and the students involved are going to find out that actions have consequences.


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