I Am Not Anti-Trans

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I identify as a father of four, and have had a front-row seat to the creeping insanity masquerading as tolerance in our schools for the past twenty-plus years as an independent school parent. The other day, I was visiting another school during lunch and witnessed the usual parade of announcements—the play would open next week, a big soccer game was coming up, and an art show was scheduled. It was all quite nice and warmhearted and a tad boring (hey, I’ve been to enough Back-To-School Nights to have all the speeches memorized at this point.)


Then, however, a shapeless person of indeterminate gender (with a Manic Panic dye job, natch) stalked up to the mic, ripped down their mask, and launched into an angry diatribe about the “trans genocide” underway, and how we, the captive audience, weren’t doing enough to stop it and therefore were part of the problem. After the speaker was done, he/she forcefully yanked up their mask as if that was proof of their point. (If you ever thought masks were anything more than political theater, this person just proved you wrong.)

The mood in the room had turned very awkward indeed, and there was only tepid applause as the inflamed orator marched off in righteous fury.

I live in California, and I get this stuff 24-7, so I just ignored it and went back to trying to decide which sauce went best with the surprisingly decent fried chicken. Afterward, however, one of my kids approached me, and nervously asked me if I “was all right.” I was surprised by the question—I thought I was charming and open-minded and was doing a good fatherly job of hiding the fact that I was slightly bored—school functions tend to be tedious and over-long and repetitive, after all. “Why?” I said. “Why wouldn’t I be all right?”

“Well,” she said carefully. “I know you don’t like that stuff.”

“Of course, I don’t like that stuff!” I replied, in what I thought was a good-natured attitude. “It’s a hot load of garbage. There is no ‘genocide’ against trans people in America today.” (True.)


She looked at me, wide-eyed—and I realized at that moment that I had a problem. My own daughter thought I was “anti-trans” or a “transphobe”—that I was a bigot, someone filled with hate and animosity toward others.

But it’s not true.

My wife and I have fought the brainwashing that is prevalent in so many of today’s schools, and we like to think our kids are intelligent critical thinkers. But it’s a tough battle, and despite our efforts, the constant guilt and shame that the education system peddles these days is working.

It was time to say something.

“You know,” I said later that evening when I’d pulled her aside, “that I am not ‘anti-trans?’”

I explained to her that I had no animosity or hate for anyone who wanted to live their lives as they see fit—so long as they were adults and weren’t forcing their views on everyone else. Where I most certainly have a problem, I explained to her, is with children getting life-altering surgeries, and with men competing against women in sports. I and others have written at length about how the extreme, often irreversible “procedures” performed on minors are both ethically and morally wrong. Meanwhile, females competing against males—no matter what they call themselves—is so obviously unfair and so against the laws of nature that it boggles the mind that it’s even a discussion.


These are both logical and loving conclusions. It’s caring to want to protect our children against devastating disfiguration; many of these young people can’t order a beer, legally get a tattoo, serve in the armed forces, or even drive a car—yet we’re supposed to have full faith that their desire to be another gender is innate and unquestionable, and must be honored post-haste. Meanwhile, women have been fighting for more recognition in sports for decades and thought they’d finally found it with Title IX, but now that’s all being thrown away as they are (preposterously) forced to compete against men.

It’s caring—not hateful—that we say, no, this is not equity; this is simply unfairness masquerading as tolerance.

The left has done a masterful job of degrading our language to push their narratives. Abortion is “health care,” while devasting, murderous riots are “mostly peaceful.” When I hear the term “gender-affirming care,” meanwhile, the image that comes to mind is not radical, disturbing surgeries and life-changing hormone therapies—instead, the vision implied is of a tender maternal figure stroking one’s hair and saying, “Shhh. It’s going to be ok.”

That’s by design—use language to hide the truth.”Gender-affirming care,” my arse.


The newest trick is to accuse you of being “anti-trans” because you don’t condone men beating the crap out of women:

I am not “anti-trans”; I don’t want to hurt anybody, and I certainly am not advocating for genocide. But I am 100 percent against the radical vision being pushed on us by everybody from Joe Biden to Budweiser to Nike. (And can I just say it? Dylan Mulvaney is the most annoying, fake person on the planet—I don’t care what gender that person is or wants to be, he/she is a walking, talking, toxic parody of women.)

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And keep fighting back.

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