Biden Has Another Embarrassing Moment at Fundraiser—Obama Has to Intervene

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I wrote earlier about the fundraiser that Joe Biden had in Los Angeles. 

Or perhaps I should say the fundraiser that George Clooney and Julia Roberts held for him, where they got celebrities, entertainment, and even Barack Obama to make it more interesting and get people to come. They charged up to $500,000 per ticket in the hope to bring in a lot of money. They claimed they got over $28 million according to their campaign. 


Did they invite Obama to "talk" with Biden because Biden on his own would be problematic? 


Biden LA Fundraiser Features Attacks on SCOTUS, Trump but Is Really a Telling Comment on Biden

Even with Obama there to help, Biden showed some of the reasons you shouldn't vote for him while he was speaking. As I noted earlier he attacked the Supreme Court. Here's some of the video that's now out. 

"The Supreme Court has never been as out of kilter as it is today," Biden ranted. "I mean never!" 

"The fact of the matter is that this has never been a Court that's been this far out of step," Biden insisted.

No, we've never had a person occupying the Oval Office who has violated all norms and attacked the Supreme Court like this before. And why? Because they don't like the decisions and they can't control the Court. As I noted in my prior story Biden also attacked Justice Samuel Alito over the upside down flag "nontroversy" calling it "scary." No, what's scary is Biden going after a justice and the Court. It's all about power and they seem be getting desperate. 


Why would any American vote for Biden when he behaves this way? Who is the real threat to our Republic here? 

The "conversation" wasn't very long between Obama and Biden and lasted only about 40 minutes. So that wasn't much for what people were paying for it. But no doubt they didn't want to get into further trouble if they ran longer. As it was, they had another moment with Biden that has excited comment again. 

Yikes is right. 

It's not normal that he just stood there and Obama then had to take his hand to lead him away. How could anyone vote for this? He did something similar at the Juneteenth celebration. But comparing the two as they walked off the stage only accentuated the problem. What's frightening too, is that the crowd claps, completely ignoring the issues. 

Some also thought that an indication of who was the real power behind the scenes. Others decried it as "elder abuse" to continue to run Biden with all his issues.  But how could anyone think this man could be a coherent leader for the next four years? Heck, I'm not even sure he's going to make it to November. I don't think they're going to be able to keep up with his issues. 



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