AOC’s Whingey Twitter Hot Take on Rashida Tlaib’s Censure Gets Interrupted by Some Inconvenient Truths

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As RedState reported, members of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Squad of Democratic Socialists had absolute meltdowns on the floor of the House Tuesday as it prepared to hold the censure vote on Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) over a purposely incendiary video she posted Friday to Twitter where the antisemitic "from the river to the sea" phrase was referenced.


The vote was 234-188, with 22 Democrats voting with Republicans to censure Tlaib over the Hamas-endorsed call to eradicate Jews, which is what  "from the river to the sea" means despite what media spinners try to suggest otherwise.

The Hamas Caucus, of course, were not among those 22 Democrats, with AOC, in particular, taking to the Twitter machine Wednesday to do one thing Democrats do very well - trot out the person of color card to absolve themselves when they behave very badly:

It shouldn't be lost on anyone that the video she's responding to includes Rep. Jamie Raskin, a Jewish Democrat, proclaiming this was about "punishing speech" when he knows damned well what "from the river to the sea" means.

But I digress.

Back to AOC, what actually "does not reflect well. At all" is the fact that she's apparently forgotten about the recent censure of Rep. Adam Schiff, not to mention how House Republicans responded to allegations of racism against Rep. Steve King over comments about white supremacy he made in a New York Times interview in January 2019.


Not only did the House GOP strip King of all his committee assignments, but he was also overwhelmingly rebuked by the House by name.

In contrast, House Democrats – at AOC’s urging – not only refused to condemn Rep. Ilhan Omar by name in 2019 over her repeated use of antisemitic tropes, but they passed a watered-down “anti-hate” resolution instead of one specific to antisemitism and let her keep her assignment on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

As far as I'm concerned, the only problem with the censure resolution against Tlaib is the fact that it took Republicans so long to do it, considering the fact that spouting antisemitic tropes has been par for the course for "the only Palestinian American" in Congress going back to well before she was elected.

And speaking of that, the fact that Tlaib is the "lone" anything in Congress should in no way be used as a shield with which to protect her from scrutiny and from facing consequences among her colleagues for making reprehensible statements that effectively equate to the endorsement of genocide against a group of people.


For far too long now, thanks in no small part to the AOCs of this country, the "person of color" card has been used as a get of jail free card for woke Democrats who don't want to be held to account in the court of public opinion for the things they say.  It's long past time to rip that card to shreds and burn it because, to quote Tlaib from a speech she gave Tuesday, "I will not be silenced and I will not let anyone distort my words."

That works both ways, honey bun. Works both ways.

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