Squad Members Throw Epic Tantrums on Floor of House Over Censuring Tlaib

AP Photo/Mariam Zuhaib

The House had a discussion Tuesday over censuring Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) for the antisemitic chant in her ad, "From the river to the sea."

Tlaib spoke, and her fellow Squad members came to her defense in some truly unhinged and epic tantrums. If you listen to this from Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), you might wonder who it is that she represents because it surely doesn't sound like she represents Americans. It sounds like she thinks she represents the people of Gaza. 


Omar claimed the Republican side of the aisle has "not acknowledged that Palestinians are dying by the tens of thousands." 

First, it isn't true that they aren't acknowledging deaths in Gaza. Second, even by Hamas figures, it isn't "tens of thousands" — she's deliberately exaggerating the numbers. 

"But will continue to say it is us who are not acknowledging humanity," Omar ranted."Rashida will stand strong and the Palestinian movement will continue for liberation until every Palestinian has the right to live in liberty."

Liberation from what? They haven't been occupied since 2005. The only one controlling them is Hamas. So, if you want "liberation," you should support Israel's war against Hamas. But Omar wants to stop the war that would liberate the people; she wants a ceasefire, which would give Hamas time to rearm. 

Then, again, who does Omar represent? She acts like she represents the people of Gaza, not the people of her district. She doesn't want people criticizing Tlaib or the Palestinians, but she has no problem attacking America or Israel.  

But Omar's wasn't the only crazy rant. There was Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO). I wrote earlier about some of her wild written defense of Tlaib. But her verbal rant was unhinged on a whole different level.


She tries to claim that they are discriminating against Tlaib because she's the only Palestinian in Congress, and they're trying to silence her. No one is shutting Tlaib up; they're expressing their belief that what she did was abhorrent. She can say horrible things, but others get to express their disapproval. 

But then Bush goes over the edge. She claims it's not surprising Congress is doing this because "This elected body enslaved black people." Um, no one in the present Congress ever enslaved black people. "It's not surprising because they thought it was right," she shouted, flailing her arms around. She then started ranting about the "insurrection," Islamophobia, and someone being pushed off an elevator. Who got pushed off an elevator?  She claimed that she mourns for the Israelis and the 10,000 people of Gaza (she didn't consult with Omar so they could get their numbers straight). And what do any of these things she's ranting about have to do with Tlaib encouraging genocide against Israel?

You can see Tlaib smiling behind her as she goes off. It looks like she doesn't even believe how off the rails Bush is. Bush even kept going after her time was up and they cut her mic. 


The only reason there are hostilities in Gaza now is because of the continual attacks by Hamas. They ask for a ceasefire even as they're still promising to wipe Israel off the planet and are holding more than a couple of hundred hostages. So how could you even entertain it? 


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