Biden WH Is Urged to Cry Harder After Their 'Least Favorite Twitter Account' Is Revealed

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Though a fair amount of conservatives exist on the Twitter machine and have done well for themselves, the presence of woke leftists is far more prevalent and noticeable thanks in part to the fact that Twitter has dedicated so much time to suppressing conservative accounts and content via throttling, suspensions, and bannings, practices that will not be letting up anytime soon.


But though Twitter’s “handling” of right-wing accounts has been unfavorably biased over the years, there are those that have ended up excelling at what they do by cutting through the BS and showing the world what mainstream media outlets and Big Tech overlords would prefer the masses don’t see about our elected “leaders” on the left.

One such account is the official RNC Research account, which primarily tweets out video content that includes Democrats from Joe Biden on down getting caught saying eye-opening things and/or acting in a strange or bizarre manner. They also will post short video clips of reporters and other media types who occasionally dare to speak inconvenient truths about this administration.

Because of that, RNC Research – which is managed and run by the RNC – ranks as the White House’s least favorite Twitter account according to a new report from Politico’s West Wing Playbook:

Ask any Democratic operative these days, including some who work in the Biden White House, about the Twitter account they find most noxious and you’re likely to get the same answer.

@RNCResearch — the handle for the Republican National Committee to sling mud, tar opponents, and try to shape news cycles — is perhaps the purest distillation of GOP politics in the DONALD TRUMP era. And that’s for good reason. The conservatives behind the feed deliberately took a page from the Trump war room when charting out how they wanted to attack President JOE BIDEN at the start of his term last year: Flood the zone and bully opponents.

The early goal, one RNC official recalled, was to be dog-on-a-bone aggressive in an effort to boot Biden out of his political honeymoon. The brass eagerly complied.


As further evidence of the account’s effectiveness in disrupting official Democrat narratives about our fearless leader and his minions, one former Biden campaign staffer who is apparently completely lacking in self-awareness harshly criticized RNC Research, calling it a place for “nihilist teenage sh*tposters”:

“It’s like they handed the keys over to some nihilist teenage sh*tposters who wanted to see how fast they could get reporters to discount everything they say,” a Biden campaign alum told West Wing Playbook. “They think crowing about intentionally lying makes them tough when it really just worsens the feedback loop.”

When your opponents are accusing you of something they know they themselves actually do, you know you’ve hit the mark.

In any event, RNC Research responded accordingly by screen-grabbing the headline to the story and posting it as their new Twitter header as of this writing:


The current follower count numbers for RNC Research are at 245,000. But considering how many people said in response to this tweet on the story that they were going to start following them because of it (not to mention the ones who, in so many words, told the Biden White House to cry harder), I anticipate the numbers will rise by the thousands.


Maybe they’ll get even more people following them once they see what types of great content they post, like this video:

In short, they must be doing something right if they’ve gotten on the bad side of the Biden White House. So they deserve a follow for that if for no other reason.

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