Biden Ducks and Covers on Another Vacation Amidst the Spiraling Scandal

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Joe Biden demonstrated during his remarks in Maine on Friday just how much he continues to deteriorate.

Not only did he look confused getting off the plane, but then during his remarks, he directed people to a website that didn’t exist, made up a few false “facts,” and forgot to sign the bill—which was the whole reason for going there. He had to come back to the table to do it, after having left.


That followed reports that his staff is desperately scrambling trying to adjust situations for his issues, such as providing short stairs when he’s getting on Air Force One. As we noted earlier, they’re also trying to do all they can to restrict his exposure to the press, even more so this week with a lot of the Biden scandals coming to a head, along with the Hunter Biden plea deal imploding.

Biden met with Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, but they didn’t hold a joint press conference. That would have required Biden to answer questions, and he knows they’ll be asking about Hunter and that sweetheart deal that blew up on the Bidens.

Reporters also tried to prod White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre to have Biden come out and answer questions about “his health.” But she laughed and deflected. On Wednesday, she claimed he couldn’t respond because he was “very busy”— despite having nothing on his schedule but the daily briefing.

Now, Biden is finding another way to duck out and avoid questions, at least for the next 10 days, until August 6. After he left Maine, he flew to his Rehoboth Beach house for yet another vacation.


He’s already had three weekends at Camp David (at least two of those with Hunter) and a weekend at Rehoboth Beach, just in July and the last weekend of June.

Most people take a week to 10 days of vacation all year; he takes that more than that in a month.

How much more vacation does Biden need? Not to mention all the early lids, and light to empty scheduled days. He’s already had more vacation time than anybody who occupied the office in recent memory. Can we expect Hunter to be there, like he was on the two weekends in Camp David, likely having a deep confab about all their legal issues? When Biden goes to Rehoboth Beach, the Secret Service claims they don’t keep the kind of logs that they would have in the White House; it would be harder for the press to track things like who might be visiting, including legal counsel or doctors.


Of course, it might just be all part of the same, duck-and-cover strategy that they used during the 2020 campaign. But they’re not going to be able to use that again. Now, he has a bad record that he’s running on, plus exploding scandals. And with more evidence and more witnesses like Devon Archer coming forward next week, Joe Biden is not going to be able to escape everything that’s going to come out.


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