WATCH: Reporter Smoothly Corrects Karine Jean-Pierre Over Preposterous Biden 'Busy Schedule' Claim

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Though it was a hugely important day for Joe Biden’s son Hunter, the Biden White House did not want to provide anything beyond canned answers during the daily press briefing to questions related to Hunter Biden’s case and what went down during his Delaware courthouse appearance.


For instance, this was White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s response to a question from a reporter on whether or not she had spoken to the POTUS regarding Wednesday’s court proceedings:

The problem with Jean-Pierre’s answer is that Joe Biden was most certainly not “busy continuing to work on behalf of the American people” on this particular day, as evidenced by the lack of events on his public calendar:

At another point during the briefing, however, another reporter slid into her question a comment about how Biden “has nothing on his schedule” today. Jean-Pierre responded by noting that he did do an “interview” with a “health and wellness podcast” on mental health care accessibility:


Not being honest with the public about Biden’s whereabouts has become par for the course for his overworked handlers, something that was especially evident during Biden’s recent trip overseas for the NATO Summit.

For instance, after Joe Biden strangely blew off an important NATO dinner, the White House explained that, “the president has had four full days of official business and is preparing for a big speech tomorrow in addition to another day at the summit.”

Except the “four full days of official business” claim was not even possible. As was reported at the time, Biden arrived in Europe just two days before, on a Sunday, and this was after a day spent at Rehoboth Beach for a leisure trip, as RedState previously noted.

As I said at the time, I guess we were supposed to believe that Biden scrolling around on his phone while laying out on the beach should be considered “official business” or something. What was especially ridiculous about the White House trying to make Biden sound like he was insanely busy after the NATO dinner snub was the fact Biden had operated on a four-day work week the week prior, which was preceded by a weekend trip with his family to Camp David – for the second weekend in a row.


Sure, Biden’s “busy,” busy packing another bag to head out to spend more time in Delaware and anywhere else other than where he should be – front and center in front of the American people, explaining the two-tiered justice system and why the rules apply to everyone else but not his son.

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