New Lincoln Project Ad Against Ron DeSantis Gets Exactly the Responses It Deserves

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Throughout Donald Trump’s presidency, we were told non-stop by hyperventilating media outlets, Democrats, and NeverTrumpers like the clowns at the Lincoln Project that Trump not only was not a true conservative but that he was also “dangerous” for America, and unfit to hold public office.


Now that Trump is a 2024 presidential candidate, declaring his intentions back in November, we’re hearing those same attacks all over again — but this time against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who officially announced his presidential candidacy last Wednesday during a Twitter Spaces chat with the social media platform’s CEO, Elon Musk.

Technical glitches marred the opening of the announcement, but that didn’t seem to hurt DeSantis too much considering he hauled in $8.2 million in campaign donations in the 24 hours after the event, forcing even the New York Times to concede that DeSantis’ kick-off, though it started on a shaky note, was pretty impressive.

As these things often go, when the person who the Usual Suspects fear the most starts to rise, the faster his detractors work to bring him down. That is exactly how the heavily-Democrat funded Lincoln Project responded, putting out a two-minute ad in which they used clips they perceived as unflattering to DeSantis, alongside other clips from media outlets including MSNBC bashing him.

In a tweet accompanying the video, they declared that DeSantis “isn’t presidential material” because his “public enemies” are allegedly “children’s books, drag queens, and an animated talking mouse.”


The biggest grifter of them all, LP co-founder Rick Wilson, featured prominently in the ad, which featured interview clips from him on far-left programs like Joy Reid’s, where Wilson smugly predicted – alongside a nodding-in-approval Reid – that DeSantis’ supposed “darkness and weirdness” would ultimately do him in.

Without a shred of self-awareness, the LP went on to tweet that DeSantis was “not a serious person”:

The ad got the responses it deserved, including from some who reminded people of the Lincoln Project’s sordid John Weaver grooming scandal:

Another thanked the LP for its “endorsement” of DeSantis, which put them in the company of the Paul Krugmans of the world, who the Twitter user correctly pointed out is “wrong on literally everything”:


What stood out to me most about the ad was that much of it used attacks that Trump and his allies themselves have made against DeSantis, which when you think it out essentially puts both the Lincoln Project and Trump on the same page – as “allies” of sorts – in taking DeSantis down. It’s pretty astonishing considering how Trump has in the past been right on the money as far as what the snakes at LP are all about:

When it becomes hard to distinguish between the (IMO) mostly spurious attacks coming from the left-wing media, NeverTrumpers, Democrats and one leading GOP presidential candidate (and their campaign surrogates) against another who has the potential to be their most formidable opponent, it’s big time bothersome in my view and is something to keep in mind in the weeks and months ahead as the candidates make their cases to the American people.


I mean, the Lincoln Project claims to hate Trump and has pretty much done nothing else during their existence beyond fundraise off of him. For six years or so, the media repeatedly told us by way of the “walls are closing in” stories they printed that they hated Trump as well. And yet they’re spending most of their time attacking… DeSantis?

The only way any of this makes sense is by following the money trail/gravy train and who potentially stands to gain the most by whipping up the division within the GOP. Think about it.

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