Media Obsesses Over Glitches in Ron DeSantis’ Presidential Announcement

AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty

In a stunning display of misplaced priorities, establishment media outlets have once again demonstrated their penchant for sensationalism and triviality. Rather than focusing on the substance of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ presidential announcement and the ensuing conversation, the media seized upon technical glitches that occurred during the event, diverting attention away from the discussion that followed after the technical issues were addressed.


The Twitter event, eagerly anticipated by DeSantis supporters and political observers alike, was strained by server issues that disrupted the broadcast, causing the app to crash for some users. This gave an opportunity for Team Trump and Team Biden to use the problems to poke fun at DeSantis’ announcement.

However, the issues were solved, and Gov. DeSantis used the platform to formally declare his candidacy for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination and outline his vision for a “Great American Comeback.” He highlighted pressing issues such as border security, crime, and the struggles faced by American families, calling for strong leadership to address these challenges.

The conversation that followed, despite the hiccups, delved into policy discussions and political perspectives, offering valuable insights for voters. Yet, the media decided none of this was essential and chose to diminish the significance of these discussions by sensationalizing the technical difficulties and amplifying snarky remarks from opponents.

USA Today noted that the governor’s announcement “was plagued by technical difficulties, which persisted for more than 20 minutes” and that “the technical glitches marred what was supposed to be a triumphant moment for DeSantis as he debuted as a national candidate after years of buzz about his presidential potential.”


The New York Times noted that DeSantis’ “effort began instead with a moment of silence. Then several more.” The author continued:

Soon, all signs were bad. Hold music played for a spell. Some users were summarily booted from the platform, where hundreds of thousands of accounts had gathered to listen.

“The servers are straining somewhat,” Mr. Musk said at one point, perhaps unaware that his mic was hot, at least briefly.

Even PBS got in on the game. The outlet reported:

While he tried to project confidence, DeSantis’ unusual decision to announce his campaign in an online conversation with Twitter CEO Elon Musk ultimately backfired. The audio stream crashed repeatedly, making it virtually impossible for most users to hear the new presidential candidate in real time.

This skewed coverage underscores a constant trend in modern journalism, where superficiality and sensationalism take precedence over substantive reporting – especially when members of the activist media are engaged in a political attack against a conservative. By fixating on the glitches, media outlets ignored an opportunity to engage in a meaningful examination of the policies, ideas, and values put forth by a potential presidential candidate.

Furthermore, the media’s obsession with trivial matters has brought about an age in which most Americans do not trust the press despite their claims that they are the good guys.


Yes, the glitches were funny – I made fun of it myself. But there is no good reason why they should have eclipsed the content of the conversation that ensued after the problems were ironed out. If anything, the media’s approach to the matter says more about them than the glitches say about DeSantis’ announcement.

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