Watch: New Zealand PM Accidentally Demonstrates the Entire Problem With 'Trans Rights' Movement

New Zealand Prime Minister Chris Hipkins speaks during a press conference, April 2, 2023. (Credit: NZ Herald)

In the aftermath of the mass shooting that took place last Monday at a privately-owned Christian elementary school in Nashville, TN, which saw 28-year-old Audrey Hale murder six people including three children, transgender rights activists and their supporters in the media and on the left have absolutely done themselves no favors.


Among other things, they fretted over “misgendering” Hale, who identified as “he/him,” and some even went so far as to portray Hale and the trans community at large as the “other” victim of the massacre she orchestrated, with “protesters” at the Tennessee state Capitol on Thursday holding up seven fingers in a show of support for the belief that Hale was also a victim.

Sadly for them, the opening mouth and inserting foot problem for transgender persons and their allies have not been confined to the United States. In March, during a Let Women Speak event in New Zealand, women’s rights activist Kellie-Jay Keen, also known as Posie Parker, had to be escorted away to safety after a militant mob of trans rights activists refused to let her speak, threw things at her, and stormed through barriers.

In light of what happened to Keen and also recent comments made by U.K. Labour party leader Keir Starmer, New Zealand’s Prime Minister Chris Hipkins was asked during a Sunday press conference if he could define what a woman was.

He couldn’t, other than to say in so many words that people can identify as whatever they want to, and that it shouldn’t be a problem:

At a press conference yesterday, journalist Sean Plunket relayed a recent claim made by UK Labour leader Keir Starmer that 99.9 per cent of women don’t have a penis. ‘How does this government define a woman?’, he asked Hipkins.

This staggeringly simple question left Hipkins lost for words. ‘I… to be honest… That question’s come slightly out of the left field, for me’, he said. After a long pause, he offered the following definition: ‘The biology, sex, gender… people define themselves. People define their own gender.’”



Prior to that, Hipkins astonishingly told reporters that he would have been proud to attend the counter-protest where Keen was attacked and forced to leave:

The symbolism here cannot be overstated.

Here we have a rally where women wanted to raise their voices and speak out against the rising tide of militant transgenderism as erasing women’s rights altogether. A mob full of what looked mostly like men identifying as women shouted them down and shut the event down with their deliberate actions. Not even two weeks later, a male “world leader” can’t define what a woman is and throws out some broad definition about how people can identify however they want to, and also declared at one point he would have loved to have been standing to shoulder with the “rainbow” coalition that silenced women’s rights activists.


On top of that, we’re being told that the real victims of the Nashville mass shooting are members of the transgender community who feel they have run out of options, despite the fact that they’ve got the President of the United States and powerful left-wing culture warriors by their side in blue states across the country trying to control and own the debate – with some degree of success.

It’s like the 1800s and early 1900s all over again, and they can’t even see it thanks to the woke-colored glasses they’re wearing.

These people are telling us who they are again, and we should listen.

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