Transgender 'Woman' Dylan Mulvaney Is Now the Face of Bud Light Because These Corporations Hate You

Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender woman, is now a brand ambassador for Bud Light, 4/1/23. (Credit: Twitter)

If major corporations hated your guts, what would they be doing differently? The answer is nothing, which leaves an astute observer to conclude that they do, in fact, hate your guts.


The latest example of that comes from Bud Light, which has decided to make a deranged, attention-seeking transgender woman the face of its brand. No, this was not an April Fools joke. It’s real, and Dylan Mulvaney is now a brand ambassador for the popular beer brand.

He released two videos on Saturday showing a commemorative can Bud Light produced to celebrate his “365th day of girlhood.” Mulvaney also plugged March Madness for the brand, no doubt part of his agreement to represent them.

For those who are new to this ridiculous situation, Mulvaney is a delusional gay man who decided to become a “girl” (not a woman) about a year prior to this writing. He has spent the time since promoting himself on social media while proclaiming himself to be a pre-teen girl. That delusion eventually led to lots of plastic surgery in order to give Mulvaney features that more resemble a woman. You can judge for yourself, but I’m of the mind that it was a pretty bad investment.


Mulvaney’s transgenderism is one thing. As I’ve written before, I do not think anyone should be affirming what is clearly a mental illness. Gender dysphoria is real, and it should be treated with psychiatric help, not surgery and public praise. Society is not helping any of these people by pushing them deeper into their mental illness, which often leads to self-harm, including suicide. Never mind that objective reality should matter regardless.

In the case of Mulvaney, though, the spectacle is even worse because he identifies as an underage girl. How do these major corporations that pay him money to represent them not find that to be incredibly disturbing? This is a grown man cosplaying as a prebubescent girl, and massive companies just shrug while shoveling cash his way.

Honestly, what in the world is Bud Light thinking? We are talking about a beer brand, not a cosmetics company (which would be bad enough). Do they think most of their customers are into flamboyant gay men pretending to be little girls? I’d love to know who at the company made the decision to bring Mulvaney on board. Whoever it is, they should be fired immediately.


I’ll end this piece by reiterating something I’ve talked about before. Republicans need to drop these major corporations. Stop supporting them, stop giving them tax breaks, and stop letting them dictate policy. They are mostly donating to Democrats anyway, so there’s very little to lose.

These companies hate your guts. They are actively working against everything you stand for and believe in. They have long used the GOP as useful idiots and that needs to end. Let them go have fun with their new friends on the left. We owe them absolutely nothing, and when the tax hikes arrive, tough luck. Let them burn.


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