They’re Telling Us Who They Really Are Again

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A month ago in response to the uproar over late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel saying unvaccinated Americans should be turned away from hospital emergency rooms and left to die a painful death in the event they complain of COVID symptoms and there’s a shortage of ICU beds, I wrote a piece about how when so-called “progressives” tell us who they really are, we should listen.


Unfortunately, “tolerant” leftists continue to tell us who they really are, as demonstrated by what happened to Arizona Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema this weekend when deranged liberals who are purported to be “immigrant youths” actually followed her into the women’s restroom at Arizona State University and proceeded to film her walking into the bathroom stall and as she exited. There were also other women using the facilities at the time.

For those who missed the disturbing moment, watch below. Please note that among those in the bathroom with the “activists” was an unidentified man who walked in with the others demanding Sinema’s attention:

Apparently not caring that the actions of her and her comrades may be considered a crime in Arizona, the “immigrant youth” posted a response to the backlash on Facebook, which you need to see to believe.

But beyond all this, let’s take a look at the reactions from prominent Democrats to Sinema being stalked as she walked into the bathroom. For starters, here’s Sawyer Hackett, a close ally and adviser to failed 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro as well as the executive director of Castro’s “People First Future” PAC, saying we need to look at it from the perspective of the person filming a woman entering the restroom than the woman who is being followed, because the supposed “humanity” of the filmer is more important:


Hackett, I should note, was also largely responsible for spreading the fake news about the border patrol agents “whipping” migrants.

Then there was male Arizona State Senator Martín Quezada (D) giving Sinema a let’s blame the victim “pro-tip” on Twitter by proclaiming that, “A good way to not get harassed in restrooms by your constituents is to be available to meet and hear them out on the issues they are passionate about using normal channels.”

There was also Democratic strategist Max Burns, comms director for New York State Democratic Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou, writing a Twitter thread about how in reality it was “worse” for Sinema to allegedly avoid her supposed constituents than it was for them to film her in the women’s restroom.


“The bigger issue with the Sinema bathroom kerfuffle is that Sinema’s constituents feel this is the only way to reach her. They’re desperate. And this is what it looks like when you spend months avoiding more structured public availabilities,” Burns claimed.

“Is it gauche to follow your Senator into the bathroom in desperate hopes she’ll talk to you? Absolutely,” Burns noted. “Is it worse to ignore constituents to the point they feel this is the only reliable way to be heard by their Senator? I’d say yes.”

He concluded by, shocker of all shockers here, actually blaming the victim for supposedly being “inaccessible,” which left the “migrant youths” no choice but to invade her private spaces.

“Sinema is far and away the least accessible Democrat in the Senate and among the least accessible members of Congress overall. So when you can’t be bothered to make time for your people, they will find ways to create time. That’s a failure of leadership.”

Show of hands how many believe Burns would have had a far different and outraged reaction had it, God forbid, been his female boss followed into the bathroom and filmed/harassed by right-wing activists including one who was a man? We know it would have been different, and the national media would have jumped all over it.

Sadly, it’s really not a surprise at all to see people who are totally okay with men who claim to be women going into women’s bathrooms and locker rooms also be okay with having a deranged woman come close to filming a female Senator using the bathroom, with a man egging her on, all over a political disagreement.


We’ll give them points for consistency, at least, as well as props for – again – telling us who they really are.

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