Hot Takes: All Hell Breaks Loose After Drew Barrymore Prostrates Herself Before Trans ‘Woman'

Actress Drew Barrymore interviews transgender TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney, March 13, 2023. (Credit: The Drew Barrymore Show)

I like Drew Barrymore and have enjoyed her movies a lot from time to time.

I don’t know a ton about her, but I do know she had a rough time growing up and being part of a storied Hollywood family, she had drug and alcohol addiction problems, was exploited, even attempted suicide, and just in general had a hard time finding her way in life.


Fortunately, she overcame all that and became a successful actress, producer, and talk show host. She’s also the mother of two young daughters.

Unfortunately, however, Drew did a bad thing on her talk show Monday, so bad that it’s got people accusing her of being a sellout to women.

Barrymore invited transgender actor and TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney, who has around 10 million followers and who sat down for a chit chat with Joe Biden last fall, for an interview to celebrate “her” TikTok series “Days of Girlhood,” where “she” talks about what it’s like transitioning from a guy to a girl.

While some described Barrymore as “giving manic hostage vibes” during the cringeworthy back and forth, the most disturbing moment undoubtedly came when she got on her knees before Mulvaney in a declaration of solidarity:

I mean the symbolism here cannot be overstated, and Twitter users let her know it. Here’s a sampling:


“Women are once again kneeling at the feet of men. I personally love the Trans movement. It’s just misogyny with more steps. Thank you wine moms for being trans allies and making this happen,” tweeted podcaster Royce Lopez.

“Ahh we’re at the literal kneeling stage now, not just figuratively. I suppose this is peak transallyship right? ‘Worship us as your betters, only then will you be a truly good person’… I got knee problems not bending to this bullshit. Ever,” wrote writer Arté.

“Watch mother of two daughters @DrewBarrymore on @DrewBarrymoreTV prostrate herself to a failed male actor who has created a career for himself parodying regressive tropes of femininity. As a fan of hers from ET, Poison Ivy to Wedding Singer this is…disappointing,” observed Sky News-Australia contributor Katherine Deves.

“This guy takes a stereotype of a woman, and wears it as a costume. It’s the equivalent of wearing blackface, or appropriating someone else’s culture. It’s offensive,” said another.

And that, perhaps, is what makes what Barrymore did even worse. Apparently as an actor Mulvaney has tried many different shticks before landing on the one that got him attention from the likes of Biden, Ulta Beauty, and the Forbes Power Women’s Summit.

In other words, he may not really even be a transgender “woman” (not that him being “authentically” trans would have made this video any better, but just sayin’.)


Don’t believe me? Read this detailed analysis (scroll to the Chris Longford entry) of Mulvaney’s “transition” over the years from one character to another, and then watch the below video from Blaire White, who is also transgender but who frequently calls out the radicals in the LGBTQ community for what they are:

It looks as though Barrymore, in her ongoing attempts at getting the world to just get along and be happy with one another, allowed herself to be used here and in one of the most morally grotesque ways possible, setting actual women back decades in the process. Do better, next time, Drew. Like, seriously.

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