Watch: Biden’s, Kerry’s ‘Breathtaking Elitism’ on Full Display in Midst of Canada ‘Climate Change’ Trip

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

We previously reported on how President Joe Biden traveled to Canada last Thursday to take part in, among other things, some climate change posturing alongside the country’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.


“…we’re transforming our hemisphere into a clean energy powerhouse, including extending the Inflation Reduction Act tax credits to electric vehicles assembled in Canada,” Biden declared at one point during a joint press conference with Trudeau.

As per the norm, however, the POTUS did not practice what he preached during his trip to the Great White North, as evidenced by multiple videos and photos taken of Biden traveling from place to place with a massive, gas-guzzling motorcade:

“I counted 43 vehicles in the Joe Biden motorcade on the CTV live feed,” one Twitter user noted.

As I’ve said before, to be fair, these super-powered vehicles exist to protect the president from harm, which no one has an issue with. What people do have problems with, however, are so-called “leaders” who on one hand tell people they have to make sacrifices in order to protect the climate or whatever but who don’t demonstrate a willingness to do the same themselves.


How could Biden have demonstrated this? By holding a virtual summit from his fake White House stage in Washington, D.C. No traveling whatsoever would have been involved, and he could have gotten his same “points” across. But as we all know at this point about Democrats, it’s all about the optics of appearing to “do something” when in actuality they are doing nothing whatsoever beyond virtue signaling about what good stewards of the environment they purportedly are – while taxpayers get put on the hook for the tab.

Speaking of that, there was also Biden’s special presidential envoy for climate John Kerry, who during a Friday interview with Yahoo News insulted the intelligence of every American by not only cheerleading forthcoming new climate mandates from Biden, but also by proclaiming that it was okay for global warming fanatics to be wildly hypocritical because not only do they allegedly do the “carbon offset” thing but also because “they are working harder than most people I know to be able to try to effect this transition”:


This prompted a response by media critic Joe Concha, who hit the nail on the head.

“They can still work harder and get to Davos by flying the middle seat in coach on Aer Lingus,” Concha tweeted. “The elitism is utterly breathtaking…”

To reiterate a point I’ve made before, instead of “COEXIST” and “Love is Love,” Democrats should slap “Rules for Thee” bumper stickers on the backs of their SUVs, private jets, and luxury yachts because it’s far more fitting.

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