Biden's Trip North Goes South With Embarassing Remarks and Desperate Search for Notes

Bidens meet with Trudeaus in Canada. (Credit: RNC Research)

Joe Biden flew out to Ottawa, Canada on Thursday to meet with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and some other Canadian leaders. Among the things that they are expected to discuss are “threats to democracy such as domestic and foreign interference,” “climate change and investing in the clean automotive sector,” and “irregular migration.” We sane people who are honest call that last one “illegal immigration.” They can’t even be honest about the problem, they have to gussy it up with a nicer-sounding name.


Biden also took along his handler, Jill, for the trip and she was with him during his first meeting with Mary Simon, the Governor General of Canada, and her husband, Whit Fraser. The media was only there for a minute, one reporter noted, and they spoke about the weather.

According to Jill Biden, it’s been “really warm” in the United States because of “global warming” and not just the weather. She didn’t update to the new required name: “climate change.” The awkwardness and nonsense in this clip are something else, and they’re just talking about the weather, not even anything substantive yet.

You even have Joe not updating his brain and talking about “more of our forests burned to the ground this year” than the state of Maryland. He use to use this line back in 2021, when there were a lot of wildfires in California. But now the problem has been more snow and rain, as we reported.

Now Jill is there going on about global warming and one of the subjects on the agenda is “climate change and investing in the clean automotive sector.” Yet here you can see the massive motorcade that Biden is in while there.


But yes, they take it so seriously, right? Except when they want to run around with their huge coterie of officials in those heavy gas-guzzling SUVs. This isn’t the first time either; we’ve written about his massive motorcades in the past on trips such as in Rome and even to Massachusetts during a climate change speech.

Then Biden and his wife met with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife. Biden said something that we all had been longing to hear.

He announced that he was staying in Canada. Unfortunately, for us, I think it was a joke. But it got hearts moving there for a moment with the thought.

On Friday, he had a more formal meeting with Trudeau where they had media photos. But the media caught Biden scrambling for his notes about what to say as Trudeau was speaking and greeting him. “Joe” didn’t even hear Trudeau greet him, he was so concentrated on finding his notecards.

This is sad. And a bit terrifying that he is so unable to deliver simple remarks without being desperate for notes. This is the guy who we’d have to wake up with the 3 a.m. call and he can’t even deal with simple off-the-cuff remarks.

They also ducked questions after those brief, perfunctory remarks.


At this point, it is beyond embarrassing that this is the guy that we are sending out into the world. And these are the things that we see from the media. I can’t imagine the things he’s saying and doing behind the scenes, I suspect that would concern us even more if we knew.


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