Here's Johnny! Kerry Threatens More Biden Executive Orders, Thinks China-Russia Will Help Combat Climate Change

Why the long face, John Kerry? Turns out Joe Biden’s climate czar is deeply concerned about our imminent death from climate change, but don’t worry, he has a plan to save us all—we’ll just get the Chinese, Russians, and Indians to work with us:


“We have to work with China, we have to work with India,” Kerry said during an interview Friday at Yahoo News’ New York offices. “We even have to find a way, ultimately, if we can resolve the war in Ukraine, to work with Russia, because Russia is a huge emitter. And any one of these countries has an ability — if it doesn’t move to change its energy base — to make it much harder for the rest of the world, if not impossible, to reach the goals we’ve set.”

It’s hard for me to believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin wakes up wondering if he’s not helping the U.S. reach “the goals we’ve set.” Actually, I’m guessing he doesn’t give a whit, and if anything takes pleasure in defying us.

Meanwhile, China and its leader Xi Jinping may say the right things about climate change at international conferences, but their main goal is to build more coal-fired power plants, which they continue to do at a prodigious rate.

But maybe Biden can just issue some more executive actions:


“Well, we’re doing a lot more than just the IRA [Inflation Reduction Act]. The IRA is a package that in and of itself can get the 40%,” Kerry said. “But in addition to that, the president is issuing executive orders. There’ll be changes on automobile, on light truck, heavy truck, heavy duty, a number of initiatives that are being taken by states, subnational, cities…”

But what about the geopolitical disputes in our dealings with China and Russia? Kerry thinks we can just brush past those “other issues”:

One reason John Kerry is so hard to stomach is that he comes off as an out-of-touch hypocrite. While he jets around the world, he expects you to ditch your SUV, get rid of your gas stove, and drastically change your lifestyle—while he just continues on living his luxurious existence the same as always.


“I didn’t fly private while I was in this job [as climate czar],” Kerry sniffs. “I’ve had one, maybe two private flights, which were military flights in order to get to China during COVID, where we were forced into that, but I fly commercially.”

That may be true, and he recently sold his private jet for appearances’ sake, but guess what he didn’t say? Fox News has the details:

Kerry’s [recently sold] family jet, a Gulfstream GIV-SP, has made a total of 48 trips lasting more than 60 hours and emitted an estimated 715,886 pounds, or 325 metric tons, of carbon since President Biden was sworn into office, according to federal data obtained by Fox News Digital via FlightAware.

John Kerry, or the Undertaker as I like to call him, will show up at any and every conference to drone on like Eeyore about the Doom that’s about to befall us, but he becomes harder and harder to listen to each day. Partly it’s because of his own hypocrisy—he lives like a king but wants you to live like a peasant—but it’s also because his prescriptions for change don’t pass the smell test.

Really, we’re going to rely on Russia to help? A country dealing with its own ongoing war, whose opponent Ukraine we are sending billions of dollars in arms to? Or China, whose announced mission is to overtake us as the dominant world power—they’re going to stop building coal plants because they want to be friends with Joey and Johnny?


Don’t think so.

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