Purported 'Journalist' Asks the 'Hard-Hitting' Ron DeSantis Question of the Day

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RedState reported Thursday on a pretty incredible Daily Beast hit piece written about Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis that was simply straight out of LOLsville.

In it, campaign “reporter” Jake Lahut did some big-time investigating and found out that DeSantis’ alleged “soft skill” problems with voters and donors are so bad that, at one point during a 2019 flight, he failed to “read the room” by eating pudding — while seated in a “very intimate flight cabin” — with three fingers.


Lahut later referred to the alleged pudding offense as “the pudding incident.”

But readers who were thinking the “reporting” on DeSantis from so-called mainstream media news outlets couldn’t get any more pathetic are going to be sorely disappointed (or not) to find out that it actually did get worse, and we have Puck News to thank for that.

In the latest Puck News newsletter, this hard-hitting question was asked:

Is DeSantis Taking Ozempic?

No, seriously, that’s what “reporter” Tara Palmeri asked:

The talk of Tallahassee has been that Ron DeSantis is losing weight, and fast. Juxtaposing photos from his inauguration, two months ago, to pictures from his State of the State speech, last week, suggests a dramatic difference. Not as dramatic as, say, Mike Pompeo, but his boxy suits are looking even baggier. “He’s a shell of his former self,” said one Tallahassee insider.

If there’s one thing that’s been documented about DeSantis, it’s his ability to shove anything in his mouth. Staffers used to lure him into meetings with cupcakes, as I once noted. He loves fried chicken from Zaxby’s. The Daily Beast chronicled a brilliant anecdote about him eating pudding with his fingers. This sudden change has some wondering if DeSantis, like the rest of Hollywood and the Upper East Side, is on Ozempic, the diabetes-turned-weight-loss drug. Of course, it could just be the stress of running for president or perhaps he’s taking Trump’s body-shaming meatball dig to heart. For what it’s worth, I’m told that he’s stopped eating carbs and he’s taking the new diet very seriously, so perhaps he doesn’t need the drug.


Florida Politics, a publication with an anti-DeSantis slant, also chimed in and apparently according to their sources, DeSantis is NOT on Ozempic, so we can all rest a little easier tonight:

I’m not sure which is worse, these stories or the one CNN did early on in former President Donald Trump’s administration about his ice cream eating habits and how he was a two-scoop guy while the people around him all only got one.


Either way, this is real Truth to Power stuff we have here, courtesy of our supposed intellectual betters in the MSM. We should all be so thankful.

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