Hilarity Ensues After CNN Provides Important Update on Trump Eating Ice Cream as Soleimani News Broke

Media firefighter Brian Stelter and the gang at CNN are always up for analyzing and dissecting what odd stories Fox News sometimes covers in the midst of news stories that are seemingly much bigger events. What they fail to acknowledge is that they have their own curious habits in that department, with one notable example happening earlier today.


In the midst of all the burning hot takes from Never Trumpers, liberal commentators, and Obama Democrats alike (but I repeat myself), CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins wrote a short piece on their “live updates” page that alerted readers as to … what President Trump was eating when he found out about the successful U.S. strike against Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Gen. Qassem Soleimani in Iraq.

Here’s what she reported:

… President Trump was dining at his Mar-a-Lago club, surrounded by old friends and others like House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

As meatloaf and ice cream were served, the Pentagon confirmed that the US was behind the strikes, the only statement from the administration throughout the night.

Putting this airstrike in perspective: The scene Friday was similar to the one after Trump gave the order for American forces to carry out the missile strike on a Syrian airfield in the spring 2017.

After that strike, Trump went into great detail about the chocolate cake he had with Chinese President Xi Jinping, who was there for a summit, when he informed him about the series of tomahawk missiles.


The “news” network tweeted out a link to the story, with the bit about the ice cream being the teaser:

Naturally, some interested folks had some questions … about the flavor, number of scoops, and if sprinkles were involved:


Indeed. Here’s the cutesy “report” CNN did in May 2017 on Trump’s ice cream eating habits, which referenced a Time magazine story that mentioned how he ate his ice cream:

When it comes to political reporting, you can’t count on CNN to in any way be objective. But credit where credit is due: They do sometimes provide the occasional humor break we all need, whether intentional or not.

(Hat tip: Curtis Houck at Newsbusters)


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