New Straight Outta LOLsville Ron DeSantis Hit Piece Will Make People Dig Him Even More

As we’ve noted before, the closer it gets to the time when Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis will reportedly announce his decision on if he’ll run for president the more hit pieces get published and petty swipes made.


Hilariously, though, those hit pieces and swipes usually don’t have the desired effect, because conservatives – even those who aren’t DeSantis fans – are all too familiar with the left’s/media’s “worst ever/everything but the kitchen sink” strategy when it comes to Republican public figures, and how DeSantis is getting treated is no different in that regard.

The latest example of this, however, may be the most unintentionally humorous. Daily Beast campaign “reporter” Jake Lahut did some big time investigating and found out that DeSantis’ alleged “soft skill” problems with voters and donors are so bad that, at one point during a 2019 flight, he failed to “read the room” by eating pudding—while seated in a “very intimate flight cabin”—with three fingers:


From this moment forward, we’ll follow Lahut’s lead and refer to this illuminating moment in DeSantis’ storied political career as “The Pudding Incident™” or “TPI.”

Naturally, other so-called “journalists” like Jonathan Lemire from Politico latched on to TPI as if it provided some supposedly troubling insight into DeSantis’ people skills, or lack thereof, as the insinuation makes clear:

As I understand it, Sen. Amy “eats a salad with a comb” Klobuchar was unavailable for comment.

The responses of most conservatives to the piece were summed up best by one who noted how she was “really looking forward” to the presidential debates on this topic should DeSantis run and become the GOP nominee:

I’m really looking forward to the 2024 Presidential debates.

DeSantis: “You believe in surgically mutilating children, and keeping kids out of school during COVID. I put a stop to that in my state.”

Dem candidate: “Well . . .you ate pudding with your fingers!”


“Oh boy. They got him now,” observed another.

I mean, really. What will we learn next? That DeSantis slurps milk out of his cereal and soup bowls, devours saucy chicken wings in a single bite? Oh, the horror of it all.

But seriously, if this is the best DeSantis’ Very Woke Online Leftist critics can do, which is the equivalent of “Ron DeSantis has human moments OMG!,” you know he must be doing something – a lot of things, really – right.

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