Reality Bites Adam Kinzinger After He Spins a ‘Bravest Man in the Room’ Narrative on MSNBC

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Purported “Republican” Congressman Adam Kinzinger believes he’s the bravest man in any room and will not hesitate to clue people in on that supposed “fact” whether or not they want to believe what he’s trying in vain to spin.


Such was the case during a Wednesday interview Kinzinger did with MSNBC “Deadline: White House” anchor Nicolle Wallace, who has never come across a wacko conspiracy theory about the alleged evilness of conservative Republicans that she wasn’t willing to put forth as “evidence” of how far gone they are.

In a back and forth about former President Donald Trump allegedly crossing “red lines” that for some Republicans like Kinzinger and Rep. Liz Cheney were a bridge too far, Wallace asked Kinzinger why in his opinion were others in the GOP supposedly unwilling to consider the possibility that Trump has gone too far.

“You know, part of it is tribalism,” Kinzinger responded. “You know, the second, if one of them says, ‘Look, I’ve had enough of Donald Trump,’ you get kicked out of your tribe. And then I gotta tell you, the other tribe, to the extent it exists, the anti-Trumpers, the Democrats are not gonna accept you because, you’re coming on too late or maybe you still have this one issue I disagree with.”

Another part of it, Kinzinger suggested in so many words, was the desire for political survival for some Republicans.

“I think the other thing, though, is you can convince yourself on a moral perspective that you’re doing the right thing” in staying quiet regarding Trump’s so-called red lines while trying to get elected or re-elected.


Kinzinger saved the best for last, though, predictably accusing other Republicans of “sheer cowardice” for not standing up to Trump and for not being willing to risk their careers in order to do what Kinzinger perceived to be the right thing:

“I mean, look, when I got elected, I remember I had just gotten out of Iraq, this was 2009, I got elected in 2010. And I remember thinking, if I’m gonna to ask people to be willing to die for this country — and obviously I’m gonna to have to take votes on that and I have, I have to be willing to give up my career for the same cause. Now that sounds innovative, but it’s so true. You know, we swear an oath to the Constitution not because what we’re gonna do is easy.”

“My oath is not to my district; it’s to the Constitution,” Kinzinger went on to say.


As noted by the responses, there were multiple problems with Kinzinger’s self-serving “bravest man in the room” speech, however, the biggest one being that it’s not Trump Republicans who ultimately did him in. It was his newfound pals in the Democratic party, the ones in Illinois to be exact. New maps they drew a year ago effectively forced him to bow out of an expected bid for reelection.


Not only that, but his career was not going to be “over” even if he did run and failed to win again. He still would have been in politics, just not in Congress, because at last check there was still a high demand for shameless anti-Trump “Republican” grifters in The Swamp, on the cable news nets, among the Very Online Left, and beyond – and Kinzinger most definitely fits the bill.

In other words, Kinzinger’s rant was full of sound and fury, signifying absolutely nothing except how he continues to be a legend – but only in his own mind.

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