Facts Get Dropped After Noted 'View' Grifter Alyssa Farah Accuses Ron DeSantis of Grifting

We reported Friday on how noted grifter Alyssa Farah, who is currently auditioning for the coveted (cough) role of subservient “conservative” co-host on the bowl of dumb ABC show otherwise known as “The View,” went “Never DeSantis” in the blink of an eye when the topic on the show that day turned to how Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was building up a sizeable war chest in advance of a possible 2024 presidential run.


For those who missed it, during the segment, Farah accused his campaign – without evidence – of scamming supporters by way of the alleged use of an “auto-donate” button that appears on the donation page, which unsuspecting people don’t realize is used to set up recurring donations. Without a hint of self-awareness, she called it a “grift.”

The problem with Farah’s claim, at least in DeSantis’ case, is that his donation page is not set up like that, which DC Examiner reporter Jerry Dunleavy pointed out with receipts about an hour after that video was posted to Twitter:

On Monday, DeSantis also responded to the claim, noting that it was a lie and also making the point that “it’s very important, particularly as Republicans when you’re raising money amongst your own people, that you’re doing that in a way that has honesty”:

So, they tried to act like I was doing that. And then some of these media went and they said, “Wait a minute, he’s not doing that.” So they were lying about that. We do not do that.

At the end of the day, you know, we have folks who – you know, some people are on fixed income, very limited and they will donate a certain amount. And that’s very meaningful. You know, not everybody has the capacity to write these big [campaign contributions]. So, you see that. And so, we’re very good stewards. But we would never do automatic unless you personally as the contributor press that button.

And so I think it’s very important, particularly as Republicans when you’re raising money amongst your own people that you’re doing that in a way that has honesty. And so, my name is being used to trick people into providing donations for something that they don’t necessarily want to do. That is definitely wrong.



Hilariously, the day after she was debunked, Farah posted a tweet – conveniently setting it to where only people she follows could reply to her – with a link to a 2021 New York Times story she insinuated proved the point she made on “The View.” Except the article in question contains nothing about the DeSantis’ campaign’s fundraising practices, only Trump’s alleged practices:

There’s no delicate way of saying this, but I’ll say it anyway: Grifters gonna grift. Sorry, not sorry, Alyssa Farah. You brought all this on yourself.

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