Good Riddance, Adam Kinzinger

Good Riddance, Adam Kinzinger
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After news broke a couple of weeks ago that Illinois Democrats were set to effectively eliminate Rep. Adam Kinzinger’s House District, the Congressman who purports to be a “Republican” responded by saying that he and his team would “spend some time looking [the new maps] over and reviewing all of the options, including those outside the House.”

“This redistricting process has been anything but transparent, which comes as no surprise to anyone,” Kinzinger also proclaimed in the statement. “I believe the people of Illinois deserve better.”

Well, he’s right. They do deserve better — better than Adam Kinzinger could give them, whether his district was gerrymandered or not.

But just this morning, Kinzinger announced he would not be seeking reelection, delighting Republicans, of course, but also Democrats who Kinzinger really, really, really thought liked him, but didn’t:

Kinzinger announced his decision in a video early Friday, saying the “time is now” to move on.

“My disappointment in the leaders that don’t lead is huge,” he said.

He hinted at other political plans, saying: “I cannot focus on both a reelection to Congress and a broader fight nationwide. I want to make it clear — this isn’t the end of my political future, but the beginning.”

Here’s Kinzinger nearly pulling his shoulder out of its socket patting himself on the back for being the Most Principled Conservative™ of the Trump era:

The irony of all this? Had Kinzinger decided to run for reelection, he’d have had to face someone in the GOP primary he’d likely have lost to — staunch Trump ally Rep. Darin LaHood:

Early Friday morning, Illinois’ state Legislature passed a congressional map that drew Kinzinger into the same district with another GOP incumbent, Rep. Darin LaHood, setting up a would-be primary matchup between Kinzinger and LaHood, a more reliable Trump ally in the House.

Just chef’s kiss perfect.

The possibility has been floated that Kinzinger might make a run for governor at some point. While possible, I believe it’s extremely doubtful. Kinzinger craves the type of fawning attention he gets on liberal cable news networks like MSNBC and CNN, where he can go to spout off nonsense comparisons about how the Capitol riot was just like 9/11 or whatever.

Democrat super-lawyer and election fraudster Marc Elias, who Virginia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe is now colluding with for a possible election challenge in the event he loses, speculated as to where this is headed for Kinzinger:

It’s a sad commentary for Kinzinger when even his (former) friends in low places can’t spare a kind word for him when he takes a bow.

Delicious. And well-deserved, I must say.

Good riddance, Adam Kinzinger. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.

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