It's Official: 'Republican' Adam Kinzinger Gets His Just Deserts

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We reported this morning on how the writing was on the wall for “Republican” Rep. Adam Kinzinger in terms of Illinois Democrats getting set to eliminate his House district with their new Congressional map after months of speculation that they would do just that.


Unfortunately for Kinzinger, Democrats confirmed today with their official release of the new proposed map that, if approved, his district is toast with a map that went from 13D-5R to 14D-3R, accounting for the one seat they lost courtesy of the 2020 Census numbers for the state:

Illinois Democrats are poised to approve new congressional district maps that would give Democratic candidates an advantage in elections over the next decade as their party fights to keep control of the U.S. House in 2022.

Democrats who control state government released their proposed maps Friday, and lawmakers are scheduled to meet in Springfield to pass the new maps before the end of the month.

The map puts GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger, one of 10 Republicans who voted to impeach President Donald Trump, in the same left-leaning district as first-term Democratic Rep. Marie Newman. The district currently held by GOP Rep. Rodney Davis — who already has a Democratic challenger who served in President Joe Biden’s administration — was redrawn to include more Democrat-friendly territory and not Davis’ hometown. Two other GOP lawmakers were drawn into the same district.

Here’s a look at the proposed map:

In response to the news, Kinzinger has released a statement in which he notes all options are being explored:


“I have proudly served six terms in the U.S. House and it has been an honor to do so. Following the release of the new congressional maps for Illinois, my team and I will spend some time looking them over and reviewing all of the options, including those outside the House.

“This redistricting process has been anything but transparent, which comes as no surprise to anyone. I believe the people of Illinois deserve better.”

While a lot of Republicans would agree that the state does indeed deserve better, they’d also agree that they also deserve better than a fake Republican and showboat member of Congress like Adam Kinzinger, who over the last several years made clear his priorities involved playing nice with Democrats, making dangerous allegations about Republicans in Congress that he can’t prove, and seeing how many guest invites he could get on CNN and MSNBC. Very few if any are shedding a single tear in their beer for him tonight. Some, in fact, may actually be celebrating, as the Democrats in the state legislature are no doubt doing, considering the strong likelihood the map will be approved.

Likely among those celebrating will be Democrat super-lawyer Marc Elias, who we’ve been told is a staunchly “principled” opponent of partisan gerrymandering — except for all those times when he’s not. Here was his reaction back in August when it was rumored that Democrats were axing Kinzinger’s district:


Here we are two months later, and clearly, Elias’ view of Kinzinger hasn’t changed:

He’s tweeted to or about Kinzinger numerous times today, including calling him a “total fraud” in response to his statement about the map.

$10 says the Illinois map has Elias’ seal of approval, which should shock absolutely no one familiar with his duplicitous track record on the issue of redistricting, as well as his notorious, behind-the-scenes machinations on state voting laws.

As for Kinzinger, while it stinks that Republicans have lost a seat, in effect they’d already lost it anyway with this clown. Good riddance.

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