MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace Full-on Loses It Talking About Trump and Drone Killing People for the Crime of 'Incitement'

(Nathan Congleton/MSNBC via AP)

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace has said some pretty crazy things in the past and she is a full-blown biased Trump hater.

But even she went to new heights with her latest comments about how to deal with people who ‘incite’ violence.


Listen to this as she claims there’s a bulletin that there’s a “persistent threat” until the “end of April” from “domestic extremists” built around the “belief” that the election was fraudulent and that the “COVID restrictions aren’t necessary” which she claimed were “ideologies pushed by Donald Trump.”

Wallace then goes on to talk about how George W. Bush and Barack Obama killed terrorists who incited violence with drone strikes and that Mitch McConnell understood that that was necessary to root out terrorism. So therefore McConnell should understand the importance of convicting on impeachment.

Wait, what? Did Wallace really just say that? Did she really just compare President Donald Trump to an Al Qaeda terrorist who we launched a drone strike against not for incitement but for killing Americans?

In case that wasn’t enough, this wasn’t the first time she’s had the thought — on her show on Jan. 28, she also had a guest who said, “If you took what President Trump said and you instead put it in Anwar al Awlaki’s mouth, we would be talking about a drone strike overseas.” Um, no, you wouldn’t and if you did you would be insane. How are any of the folks who say these things taken seriously or in any power in the media?


Reality check. On January 6, President Donald Trump told people he expected them to act “peacefully and patriotically” and the evidence that has come out since shows that the actions at the Capitol were pre-planned according to the reports from the FBI, as Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has said.

But it sure sounds to me like Wallace is “inciting” deadly actions against President Donald Trump by comparing him to an Islamic terrorist.

This is really dangerous rhetoric to dehumanize and demonize political difference.

Not to mention how demonizing Trump and declaring him illegitimate, an agent of Russia, calling Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) “Moscow Mitch,” using the FBI against the Trump team, and trying to take Trump out even before he started office with the disinformation in the dossier wasn’t seen by Democrats as wrong or inciting people against the duly elected president.

Buried within Wallace’s comment, too, is how they intend to keep pushing this and that troops aren’t leaving Washington, D.C. anytime soon.



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