Report: Democrats Begin Making Some Uncomfortable Acknowledgements After Manchin-Schumer Deal Hype

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In the aftermath of the much-hyped gabillion dollar “Manchin-Schumer” deal that we have been reliably told by our Fearless Leader will “lower inflation, cut the deficit, reduce health care costs, tackle the climate crises and promote energy security,” the mainstream media and Democrats alike (but I repeat myself) have been busy publicly proclaiming that this will put President Biden back on the comeback trail politically at a time where he is still in hiding due to his ongoing COVID diagnosis.


But the behind the scenes murmurings of rank and file Democrats over the deal – which I should point out is not set in stone just yet – reveal a far different, more gloomy picture of the Democrat mindset on the subject headed into the 2022 midterm elections, with many privately acknowledging that despite the hype, it is unlikely going to help them – or Joe Biden – just a few months from now:

“The numbers are the numbers,” said one Biden confidant, who went on to immediately argue that the president’s standing going into the midterms would improve ahead of 2024.


One adviser to major Democratic donors conceded that outside of Washington, “nobody gives a sh*t” about the Manchin legislative breakthrough. “[The Biden administration] doesn’t understand that the only thing people care about is inflation, gas prices and the economy writ large.”

“Of course there’s no messaging, and of course they don’t have any idea what the message is,” the adviser added. “They’re living in La La Land.”

Another senior Democratic strategist, who spoke on condition of anonymity to protect client relationships, said they had conducted extensive interviews with swing-state voters ahead of the midterms. The conclusion from those surveyed was that Biden’s persistently weak standing had to do with voters’ fatigue, on everything from the lingering pandemic to the spate of mass shootings, which injected a higher degree of fear into peoples’ lives.


Even if the Manchin-Schumer deal passed, was signed into law by Biden, and immediately impacted voters in a positive way as Biden laughably suggested it would, I still don’t think it would help Democrats come the fall elections. Unlike in past elections where it seemed like voters only had in mind recent events that impacted them rather than looking at the whole enchilada, I think post-pandemic ones are going to be different as voters take in the big picture on the economy, crime, education, healthcare, immigration, foreign policy and all the rest.

And the fact of the matter is that voters believe Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats have performed poorly across all fronts, which has been reflected in the polls for nearly a year now.

Most importantly, kitchen table voters aren’t going to easily forget how they’ve had to make some hard choices over the last two years about what to cut back on in terms of food, medicine, gas, and/or healthcare, and no magic pill that this administration tries to pull out of their bag of tricks is going to be able to change that.


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